Top 10 Bingo Sites – UK

Why Did You Create an Online Bingo List for Your Users?

With so many online bingo sites to choose from and each on offering different bonuses, promotions and special deals it can become a little confusing when you are either new or searching for a new bingo site to play at.

 Recommended – Top 10 Online Bingo Sites

Swanky Bingo

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Enjoy on both desktops & mobiles, a huge list of top slots, casino games, instant games and various Bingo games with 500% bonus at Swanky Bingo


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Pixie Bingo

Make a small deposit of £5 at Pixie Bingo and win huge jackpots up to £100 bonus. Play casino table games, slots and live casino games also on mobiles.


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Bingo Millionaire

Make a small deposit of £5, play popular slots, various Bingo games and several live casino games on both online and mobile versions at Bingo Millionaire.


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Scrummy Bingo

Get £15 free play bonus, play top slots, various Bingo games and table game variants on both online and mobile versions at Scrummy Bingo also on mobiles.


Get £15 Bonus

Sun Bingo

Play popular slot games, various Bingo games and variants of table games on your desktops and on mobile devices at Sun Bingo and win huge real money.


Get £40 Bonus

Betfair Bingo

Deposit a small £10 and play top slots, various Bingo games and variants of table games on both online and mobile version at Betfair Casino and win huge.


Get £50 Bonus

Glossy Bingo

Deposit a minimum of £10 bonus, play slot games, various Bingo games and table game variants on both online and mobile devices at Glossy Bingo now.


Get £35 Bonus

Cheers Bingo

Play various Bingo games and popular slot games on both online and mobile versions at Cheers Bingo and get 200% match up bonus on your 1st deposit now.


Get £20 Bonus

Viking Winners

Deposit a small £10 and play top slots, various Bingo games and variants of table games on both desktops & on mobiles. Sign up now at Viking Winners Bingo


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Wow Bingo

Deposit £10 and play top slots, various Bingo games, scratch card games and variants of table games on both online and mobile versions at Wow Bingo.


Get £500 Bonus

Not all bingo promotions are as good as others, and it would be a simple mistake of committing to one particular site because of the sheer volume there is to choose from. The top 10 bingo sites in the UK has been compiled in order that you have a good choice of only the best free bingo and real money games.

All of the top 10 bingo websites will have an exceptional bingo bonus attached to the welcome package which as a rule is the largest bonus any site offers. These large welcome offers are to tempt new players through the sites virtual doors, and usually come in the form of a deposit bonus, although the very best sites will offer real money with no deposit necessary.

Ok, So How Did You Grade Each Site?

Each bingo site that is included on our top ten bingo sites list has been rated and then ranked on a number of important factors.

  • The welcome bonus or bonus package is scrutinized to find out how good it actually is. This includes any no-deposit bonus offer as well as a deposit or match bingo bonus offers. We also check out any of the other bonus or promotional offers each site offers to check the value of each one, and this includes: payment method bonuses, loyalty awards, refer a friend promotions, cash back percentages together with all the other offers that may be available.
  • Once we have checked the promotions and offers we then see if the site is transparent. Having information readily available in jargon-free language is essential. No one enjoys trawling through a lot of small print and so we check out that terms and conditions of each promotional offer and bonus are to hand and easily understood. Transparency also means that the site will explain to their players what a playthrough requirement or time restrictions means for them, and their game of bingo.
  • We also check out all the other information that is included in our best sites. We check for site navigation and to see if all relevant information is properly displayed.
  • We also make sure that there is a great customer support put in place for all players. There is no point contacting a member of the customer support team that does not speak your language, and we make sure that all of the top 10 bingo sites have a full range of contact options.
  • For those who love to play when on the go we make sure that there is a mobile option available. Any site that is included on our list will provide bingo games for iOS, Android and Windows users. We will let you know which software providers are involved with each site.
  • We then take a look at the quality of the bingo games, the choice and the different variations on offer. We check to see how many jackpot and progressive games are available as well as tournaments and free games.
  • Because bingo is such a social game one of the most important factors is the quality of their chat games, and so we make sure that the Chat Moderators are of the highest quality, and help the bingo games fly along with a lot of fun and laughter.
  • As we live in an electronic age then the top 10 bingo sites should really have pages on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there may also be a blog to follow and all of these social media sites should offer freebies to those players that join.
  • We take a general look around all the sites that have been included in our top 10 bingo sites list to see how quick pages load and open up and to see how simple the registration process is. We make sure that the sites we include are aesthetically pleasing and offer a full range of themed games.
  • Each site on our top 10 sites list must have a good selection of banking options available so that players can choose from a range of debit and credit cards, ewallets and direct money transfers as well as being able to pay by phone bill options.

Once we have checked all of these factors out then each site will be ranked accordingly. Once a site has been added to our top 10 bingo sites list it will need to perform well in order to stay there, and we review our top 10 list on a regular basis in order to make sure that players are getting the best deal. We receive updates from our partners when significant changes have been made, and this will, in turn, qualify a bingo site to be considered for inclusion in our list.

For instance, if we found that the level of customer support had fallen or that payouts were taking longer than they should be then that particular site will no longer be included in our list of top bingo webistes and will have to rectify any issues to get back on the list.

Can Anyone Play your list of sites?

As long as you register with one of the sites and fulfill all the requirements that each site requires of their players, then yes anyone can play. Obviously, you must be of the legal age to play at an online bingo site so please check that you are not breaking any laws by registering.

What Advantages are There in Selecting one of the Top 10 Sites Rather than Any Other Bingo Site?

Quite simply choosing one of the top 10 bingo sites means that you are playing at one of the best bingo sites you could possibly visit. Our unfiltered list of only the very best bingo sites that are available on the internet today means that your bingo experience will be second to none.

There are actually well in excess of 450 live bingo sites in the UK making it a long and boring process finding that perfect one that suits your particular needs. Using the list makes your task so much easier as you can check out a few from the selection to see what you like the best.

Are the Top ten Bingo Sites Safe, Secure and Fair?

In one word yes!

Fairness is maintained by all of the sites in the list being regulated by the Gambling Commission or Body of that particular jurisdiction.  Each one listed is licensed and will show the license number and where the site is licensed at the bottom of the page.

Fairness of games is kept by each site using a random number generator. The RNG is what calls the virtual bingo balls or rolls the virtual dice, cuts the virtual cards, and even spins the virtual wheels and reels. The RNG has to be independently audited and then certified as true and fair. This means that each game of bingo offers each person playing the same chance of a win.

Each one of the best 10 sites uses state of the art encryption codes and software in order to keep their players safe and secure. Each site will make sure that any personal information is always kept private and confidential and will never pass your personal details onto any third parties.


It makes sense that any online bingo site worth its salt will make sure that it provides what players want in order to get the traffic through the sites virtual doors. As there are so many bingo sites then competition is fierce and to make it onto our top 10 list is a real achievement. But don't take our word for it, take a look at the deals and promotions on a couple of our recommended sites, we are confident that you won't be disappointed.