No Wagering Bingo Sites: Play for Fun Without Betting – A Guide

No wagering Bingo sites have rightly caused quite a buzz over the past couple of years. Bingo players are typically looking for great value for their money, because they tend to be more interested in having a fun gambling experience over time, rather than big wins or risky wagers. The rise of no wagering bingo sites has given players looking for a bingo bargain while enjoying top-notch bingo games online, an awesome avenue to explore.

What is No Wagering Bingo?

No wagering bingo sites let players make a real money deposit and play online bingo games without having to worry about any wagering requirements on their winnings. All winnings go straight into the cash balance and are instantly withdrawable.

Key factors in No Wagering Bingo sites

  • Players can cash out winnings faster, without having to playthrough winnings and bonuses.
  • Players have peace of mind, knowing their bingo winnings are not tied up in confusing restrictions.
  • Top bingo sites with no wagering have a good bingo game selection.
  • Safety and Security are key. Check a bingo site has the appropriate licensing and security information.
  • No Wagering bingo sites have caused a huge buzz in the bingo industry, and are changing the operator’s approach to player satisfaction and bonus offering.

Why sign up to No Wagering Bingo sites?

One of the biggest benefits to players using no-wagering Bingo sites is that their winnings can be withdrawn instantly. No niggling restrictions, or pesky terms and conditions that prohibit winnings from bonuses from going straight to their bank account for a weekend spree.

One downside of so many bingo and casino offers in the past has been that even after a winning session, it becomes very difficult to withdraw funds. But with no wagering Bingo sites, players can rest assured, their winnings won’t be tied up in wagering requirements.

Keeping bingo gambling fair

No wagering bingo sites set the bar for fairness. Doing away with the restrictive, often criminally high wagering requirements attached to bonuses and winnings, the top no wagering bingo sites pride themselves on being super transparent.

Upping the fun ante on online bingo experiences

Speaking to regular online bingo players, the sense is that no wagering bingo sites have been a serious game changer. For seasoned bingo dabbers online, having the peace of mind that winnings are truly winnings, drastically enhances their gaming experience. The common feelings about no-wagering bingo sites are:

  1. Safe and secure knowing winnings aren’t tied to restrictions
  2. No wagering on winnings enhances player experience.
  3. Players are more likely to stick with a bingo site if it’s authentically a no-wagering bingo site.

No Wagering equals more bingo fun

Overall, player satisfaction at no-wagering bingo sites online is far higher than at the more common bingo sites which attach wagering to winnings and, often confusing bonus offers.

What are Wagering Requirements, Anyway?

Wagering requirements are a condition that is usually put on bonuses and winnings from bonuses, whereby a player is required to play through a percentage of their winnings before those funds become real money or can be withdrawn.

Wagering requirements at reputable casinos and UK bingo sites should be clearly visible on promotion pages or where relevant. For bingo bonuses, the wagering requirements tied to bonuses and winnings are commonly in the region of 4-6X. What does this mean in real terms?

Well, let’s imagine you have opted into a Bingo bonus where you have a £10 bonus to play with. Before that bonus can be converted into real money, you will have to wager at least £40-60. Once those wagering requirements have been met, you will then be able to withdraw the money or use it as real more on more bingo games.

Always read the Bonus Terms and Conditions!

It is crucial that whenever you sign up for a bingo site and accept their bonus offers, you have carefully read the terms and conditions. You wouldn’t believe how many players fall into the trap of opting into attractive-looking welcome bonuses, only to discover that the wagering requirements are so high, that the bonus is almost impossible to convert into real money.

If you are unable to locate the wagering requirements within 3 clicks of a promotion or bonus offer, our advice is to steer clear of the site. Terms and conditions should always be readable and instantly viewable.

So, what’s the best way to avoid these annoying wagering requirements? Find the best No Wagering Bingo sites online and stick to them, like 1000 players who are raving about the online bingo revolution.

Example of wagering requirements on a typical bingo bonus:

Wagering Requirement Range Real Money Equivalent for £10 Bonus
4x £40
5x £50
6x £60
You can also understand this concept from the below image.

How do No Wagering Bingo Sites compare to traditional bingo sites?

When weighing whether to join the bingo exodus to no wagering sites, it helps to have full knowledge of the key differences between no wagering and traditional bingo sites online.

Benefits of No Wagering Bingo Bonuses

  • Withdrawing funds to a real money account is quicker without wagering restrictions.
  • Playing bingo is more fun without having to track gameplay and worry about bonus turnover.
  • No game restrictions, as often happens with bingo bonus play.
  • No time limits or caps on bingo bonuses, as opposed to traditional bingo bonus limitations.

Disadvantages of traditional Bingo sites

  • Wagering requirements on traditional bingo bonuses can make withdrawing real money difficult.
  • Bingo bonuses with strict terms come with many limitations, like game restrictions and time limits.
  • Players tied into bingo bonuses often do not feel confident that their winnings are “real” winnings that can be withdrawn to their bank.

Factors in choosing the best No Wagering Bingo site

Knowing what to look for when signing up for a new bingo site with no wagering can make all the difference between a positive and negative bingo experience.

Here are some of our top tips on No Wagering Bingo site factors:

  • Research Player Testimonials: often bingo sites will use real player testimonies on their sites to promote their communities. But, it’s important to do more homework and find player reviews outside of the operator’s site. Check out bingo review sites, forums, and online bingo community boards for feedback.
  • Bingo Game Selection: for our money, a bingo site should first be judged on the number and variety of its bingo game selection. Take a tour of the bingo website, check out how many games they have on offer, and if they have a wide selection, that’s a good start.
  • Bingo Game Frequency: as well as variety, bingo players want to know that they can play at any time of day and that there will be a thriving community of players online. The popular chat screens on bingo sites are a good area to assess if a bingo site is very active.
  • Terms and Conditions: having readable, easy-to-access, and clear Terms and Conditions are vital. Search for the bingo site’s promotion page and ensure you can locate their terms and conditions. If you find pages of gobbledygook, run a mile!
  • Safety and Security: All online gambling sites dealing with real money and data, should display license information and offer players reassurance with encryption technology. Again, if you can’t find the bingo website’s gambling license and security info (usually in the website footer), we recommend looking elsewhere for a reputable bingo site.

Are there any disadvantages to no wagering bingo sites?

No wagering bingo sites are gaining popularity, but there are some cons to consider. One potential drawback is that the selection of bingo games may be limited compared to traditional online bingo sites.

Additionally, some no wagering bingo sites apply caps on winnings when tied to free spin offers or other wagering offers. It's essential to review the terms and conditions, as some sites with no wagering requirements may still have restrictions on what you can keep from your winnings.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether these cons outweigh the benefits of playing on sites that offer free bingo tickets and bingo rooms with no wagering requirements.

No Wagering Slots: another big hit

To take a little detour from bingo, it’s worth exploring the rise of no-wagering slots, which go hand in hand with bingo as a gambling product. Slot and bingo fans will often interchange between slots and bingo and the top bingo sites online also have a great slots product.

The benefits of no-wagering slots are the same as no-wagering bingo games: enjoy spinning without worrying about annoying restrictions on winnings. Also, with no wagering slots, players get to sample a wide variety of games without having to bust the bankroll.

Bingo Software Providers

Bingo software providers vary in their approach to wagering requirements. While the operator may also determine the wagering for different bonuses, there are some average wagering requirements attached from provider to provider. Here are some of the most trusted, popular bingo software providers developing the best bingo games online today.

  • Virtue Fusion (Playtech).
  • Dragonfish Software Provider.
  • Entain.                     
  • Gamesys Software Provider.
  • Pragmatic Play.
  • Tombola.
  • Relax Gaming.

All of these bingo providers get our thumbs up. Not all of them offer no wagering bingo options. Tombola is one of the best recognized no-wagering bingo products though, so if you’re looking for exclusively no-wagering bingo sites, Tombola is a safe bet (literally!)


1. What’s the main benefit of no wagering bingo sites?

No Wagering bingo sites allow players to keep their winnings, without any restrictions on withdrawing or converting bonuses into real money.

2. Are there caps on winnings at no wagering bingo sites?

Some no wagering bingo sites may cap winnings on free spin offers. While the winnings can be capped, without wagering restrictions the funds are much easier to convert into real cash, where winnings will not be capped.

3. Are no wagering bingo sites safe?

As long as you sign up for a reputable bingo site with the correct licenses and safety measures, the no-wagering bingo site will be as safe as traditional online bingo sites.

4. What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are a restriction bingo sites put on bonuses and winnings, whereby a player has to play through their bonus and winnings, in order to convert the bonus funds into real money.

5. Are there any disadvantages to no wagering bingo sites?

No-wagering bingo sites sometimes have less game variety compared to traditional wagering bingo sites. They can also cap winnings on certain bonus offers.

6. Should I avoid all traditional bingo sites and only use no wagering bingo sites?

Choosing whether to exclusively play at no-wagering bingo sites, as opposed to traditional bingo sites with wagering limitations, depends upon your own player experience. We suggest trying out a variety of no-wagering and traditional bingo sites, and then judging which sites have given you the best bingo experience.

7. Is no wagering on winnings real?

Yes, no wagering bingo sites have become popular because they are a no-strings-attached approach to bingo gaming, which players love.

8. Can I really keep what I win and withdraw my winnings?

Absolutely! No wagering bingo sites let you withdraw your winnings immediately, no strings attached. Take advantage of free tickets and low wagering offers to maximize your wins. Simply play with your free tickets, and any prizes are yours to keep or cash out.

Judge No Wagering Bingo for yourself!

There are hosts of top no wagering bingo sites out there, and many of them offer no deposit bingo bonuses or free spins, so you can get a feel for the site before making any real money deposits. We suggest sampling a few different no wagering bingo sites, before settling on one to be your bingo home.

Check out the bingo community sections, dab a few cards, and take note of how many different games they have on offer. If you feel you’ve found the No Wagering Bingo site for you, good luck and happy dabbing!


No Wagering Bingo is not just a fad or flash-in-the-pan gimmick. It seems online bingo sites have realized that player satisfaction gets a huge boost when there are no wagering requirements on a bonus or winnings, and player loyalty trumps prohibitive terms and conditions.

Bingo sites and casinos want players to come back, and offering no wagering bonuses and winnings is a surefire way to keep bingo players happy. Transparency is also key. Not having to read through pages of confusing terms and conditions to understand when you can turn your bingo bonus into real cash, is a huge drag.

By being upfront with players, the best no wagering bingo sites are basically saying: no bull****.