Understanding Emotions That Arise During Bingo Gameplay

Discover The Different Emotions You Will Experience During Bingo Gameplay

Many people love an entertaining game of bingo. The game has simple rules of gameplay, which makes it newbie-friendly. Playing it will give you various emotions from start to end. So expect to hear your heartbeat as you cross your fingers and hope to land the next number.

The emotions players experience during gameplay vary from one player to another. And one reason for this is that each player’s ticket is unique, therefore, guaranteeing different outcomes. The emotions can also vary as a result of the different player objectives.

 Now, let us look at the emotions you are likely to experience as you enjoy bingo games.

Top Emotions Players Experience When Winning

Different gamers will experience different emotions while winning. Below are some of the most prevalent emotions you might experience when winning a bingo ticket(s).


58% of bingo players feel excitement when they win a game. Similarly, you should expect to be treated to exciting wins as you use your funds or bonus money to enjoy your favourite games.


42% of players feel pleasure when they win. Of course, it must feel nice to be lucky to claim lucrative cash prizes and other rewards while also enjoying an entertaining game.


Another 42% of players feel happy when they win. Also, note that this feeling is felt by players who claim the top bingo jackpot prize or players who claim prizes for matching three or more numbers.


Believe it or not, 40% of players experience achievement when their tickets earn them cash prizes. Bingo wins don’t come easy. Sometimes, you can play more than ten tickets and don’t claim even one prize. For this reason, winning a game can be an achievement.


Some players treat themselves to bingo games for fun. Such players aren’t after cash prizes, bonuses, or other rewards. Instead, they are interested in having a memorable gaming experience. So, winning evokes a feeling of surprise among these players.

Top Emotions Players Experience When Losing

Losing bingo games make gamers experience various emotions. Below are the emotions players experience when they don’t win prizes with their tickets.


50% of players who buy tickets with the expectation to win cash prizes claim that losing is always disappointing. Despite being disappointed, these players play more games with the hopes of winning in the long run.

Not Bothered

33% of players are not bothered with their losses. Also, note that most players who claim they are not bothered when their bets lose similarly claim that they play for fun.


28% of players feel frustrated when their bingo tickets do not win any prize. Yes, this can happen to a player experiencing a long losing streak. It would be best to pause/stop gambling when you become frustrated with gaming.

Are You Feeling Lucky Today?

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