New Bingo Reviews

Buzz Bingo

Dep £10 Get £40

  • Mega Millions Bingo Rooms and Jackpots.
  • Slots, Casino Games, and Live Casino
  • 0 wagering requirements and great bonuses.

Pots Of Luck Bingo

40 Bonus + 50 Free Spins

  • Huge welcome offer.
  • Over 400 Slots and Casino Games.
  • Pragmatic Play Bingo software.

Tickety Bingo

£10 Bingo Bonus + 5 Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins

  • 12+ Bingo rooms
  • Dragonfish software
  • 300+ Slots and side games


Dep £10 Get £120 Bonus Tickets + 20 Free Spins

  • 75 + 90- ball Dragonfish Bingo
  • 300+ Slots.
  • Zero Wagering Requirements

Bingo Storm

Deposit £10 Get £80 + 10 Free Spins + Spin Storm Wheel

  • No wager requirements
  • Dragonfish Bingo software
  • Big bonuses! Deposit £10 and get £80

Betfred Bingo

Win a Car + Welcome Bonus

  • Playtech/ Virtue Fusion software.
  • 23 Bingo variants, 300 side games.
  • Slots, Sportsbook, Casino and Live Games.

The Sun Bingo

Dep £10 Play With £50 + 50 Free Spins

  • New and classic Bingo variants
  • Amazing bonuses & jackpots
  • Playtech and Virtue Fusion software

Mecca Bingo

Dep £10 Get £60 Bonus + £10 Club Voucher

  • Great selection of Games
  • Safe and Easy Verification
  • Superb Bingo Rooms

Bucky Bingo

£20 Welcome Package + 70 Spins

  • Mobile Friendly & Quick Verification
  • Lots of Promotions and Bingo Bonuses
  • Virtue Fusion Bingo Games

Nutty Bingo

Dep £10 for £20 Bonus + 20 Spins

  • Exclusive Nut House Room
  • Dragonfish Software
  • Fantastic Promotions and Prizes

Ted Bingo

Dep £10 Play with £50 + 10 Spins

  • Bingo Tournaments
  • Best Bingo Games
  • Dazzling Rewards & Jackpots

Wink Bingo

Deposit £10 Play with £50

  • Dragonfish software
  • 22+ Bingo and free rooms
  • Great promotional offers

888 Ladies Bingo

Deposit £10 Play With £50

  • Owned & operated by 888 Holdings
  • Great Selection of Bingo Games & Slots
  • Excellent Bonuses and promotions

RedBus Bingo

Dep £10 Play With £35

  • Dragonfish software
  • Great Bingo Chat Rooms
  • Free Bingo rooms for every day of the week

Posh Bingo

Deposit £10 Get £35 Bonus

  • Dragonfish software
  • Good ongoing promotions
  • Superb chat rooms

Sailor Bingo Review

Get £50 Bonus Tickets + 30 Free Spins

  • Attractive and fresh site
  • Dragonfish and NetEnt Games
  • 15 Bingo Rooms

Blighty Bingo

Dep £10 Get £70 Tickets + 10 Jackpot Spins

  • 16 Bingo rooms + Dragonfish Bingo
  • Zero wager requirements
  • 300+ Slots and chat games

BGO Bingo

10 Free ND + Dep £10 Play With £30

  • NetEnt, Playtech and Virtue Fusion Software.
  • Over 1200 games
  • Bingo games include Rainbow Riches and Deal or No Deal.

How Can I Find out About the Best New Bingo Sites?

The best place to find out about new Bingo sites is a review site, like us. It’s our job to stay on top of the market and bring you the best of the best. Often, new Bingo sites will tell us they are launching in an attempt of getting a site recommendation, mention or full review, but we only give this out if they make the grade. We spend mammoth amounts of time auditing Bingo sites before deciding if they make the cut. When we love a site, we’ll tell you straight-away, but also have no hesitation in telling you which to avoid- check out our Bingo Site Reviews.

How to Pick the Best New Bingo Sites?

New Bingo sites are launched monthly and the best way to pick one is by using our New Bingo Site Reviews- just go back up to the top of this page and take a look at our round-up of the best new online bingo sites for 2019. To find out more or join one of the sites that have made our top list for the year click “Review”. To join click “Play Now” and you’ll be taken directly to the site to claim your exclusive welcome bonus.

Our Bingo site reviews follow a thorough 8-point system to tell you everything you need to know about a Bingo site, including:

  1. 1. Style, theme and type of player the site will appeal to.
  2. 2. Bingo variants and chat games on-site.
  3. 3. The Bingo software and platform the site uses.
  4. 4. What bonuses and promotions are given by the site and how to the terms compare with other sites?
  5. 5. Mobile site or app review.
  6. 6. Payment methods facilitated.
  7. 7. Customer support network.
  8. 8. And lastly the licencing and reputation of the site.

This makes our reviews easy to follow and we always have your playing experience at the forefront of everything we write, making it easy for you to pick the best new online Bingo sites!

Do New Bingo Sites Offer the Same Quality and Value as Established Sites?

Generally, the answer is yes and in some cases, they excel. The age of the site matters little to the quality and value each can offer in reality it's more about the site attitude. Therefore, sites should be viewed individually for their merits and downfalls-despite age you can find both fantastic and let’s say lacking Bingo sites in both categories. But it is true that newer sites embrace newer technology and tactics, going all out to win players attention.

Being a well-established site also has its benefits such as a loyal customer base, years of experience in online gaming, and brand power that affect the overall quality and value they are able to offer. But age can also leave a site stagnant, a relic of the good old days if they fail to keep on top of the latest technology and most exciting trends. This tends to be an area where newer sites excel, fighting harder to earn their spot in players regards and offering an enhanced experience through their platform using concepts like Gamification.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing at a New Online Bingo Sites?

Advantages of New Bingo Sites Disadvantages of New Bingo Sites
Newer sites tend to have fewer players and as Bingo is a race to be the first winner this means you are competing against fewer players and have higher odds of being the winner. The biggest disadvantage at new sites are the prizes tend to be smaller as newer sites struggle to compete with the big brands that are already established. This is especially true of progressive or pooled jackpots that rely on player contribution.
It should be noted that new sites grow quickly so this can change in a matter of months, plus some are bankrolled by bigger brands= big prizes for the word go!
New online Bingo sites tend to offer better bonuses to attract players. They lack player reputation, reviews and possibly experience.
They tend to fill gaps in the market bringing enhanced online experiences, software, or brand new bonuses. You’re more likely to find innovative options with new sites who are looking to push boundaries and improve on what is currently offered, especially when it comes to the way their site looks and functions. An additional downside of playing at a new site is that they may lack experience and experienced players who can enrich a Bingo site.

New Online Bingo Sites are at the Forefront of Innovation you say?

Yes, new sites push boundaries and bring more excitement to players. Whilst it is the Bingo software like Cozy and Dragonfish who designed the games, the Bingo site is responsible for the site design, personalisation and running the business.

When you open an older site, you’re more likely to find static backdrops, a more aged design and generally fewer features- unless they’ve recently re-designed the site. However, when you open a brand, top 10 Bingo new site, you’re blown away by the graphics, immersive backdrops or gamification (which leads you through the site, adventure style) that delivers a much better gaming experience.


New Online Bingo Sites are at the Forefront of Innovation you say?

Yes, new sites push boundaries and bring more excitement to players. Whilst it is the Bingo software like Cozy and Dragonfish who designed the games, the Bingo site is responsible for the site design, personalisation and running the business.

When you open an older site, you’re more likely to find static backdrops, a more aged design and generally fewer features- unless they’ve recently re-designed the site. However, when you open a brand, top 10 Bingo new site, you’re blown away by the graphics, immersive backdrops or gamification (which leads you through the site, adventure style) that delivers a much better gaming experience.

Bigger Bonuses at New Bingo Sites: What’s the Deal?

We’re sure you’re curious to hear more about this so we’ll get straight to it. As new Bingo sites need to work harder to gain their customers and overcome the obstacles facing them they more often than not give player better deals to sign-up and play with them.

Get Bigger Welcome Offers

Whether it’s a more generous matched deposit deal or a no deposit deal, new online Bingo sites give you more in order to make it that little bit more attractive to take a chance on them. Perhaps they have lower wager requirements, a bigger matched deal budget, or a new bingo site no deposit, no card details bonus. Whatever the deal, they want to get you through the doors and are some of the best bingo deals on the market.

A matched deposit deal offers to match your first deposit, whilst no deposit deals offer you straight-up account credits for becoming a member, with no deposit required! Whichever type of Bingo welcome bonus you favour, both are a brilliant way to get free casino credits and play more Bingo and other games like Slots on the operator’s dime!

Innovative Promotions that Deliver Great Gaming Fun

Promotions are also more likely to be geared towards modern gaming, creating incentives to team-up and get social with plenty of player bonuses, limited-time deals and tournaments.

Bonus Hunting: Taking Multiple Welcome Deals

New online Bingo sites are often preferred by bonus hunters- those players looking to gain the best from a Bingo site welcome bonus by joining multiple sites and taking more than one deal. They favour newer site options because they are renowned for offering bigger and better bonuses than the deals found at established sites whose reputation alone is often enough to secure custom.

Warning: If you are an inexperienced player, we do not recommend taking multiple matched bonuses as the wager requirements (the amount you must play through a bonus before any withdrawal is allowed) can be difficult to meet, especially if taking more than one offer at the same time.

However, if you stick to no deposit deals at different sites, this shouldn’t cause the same issue and is a great way to play online for free whilst trying out lots of different sites and increasing your Bingo and Casino Game repertoire.

Note: You cannot claim more than one welcome bonus at a site, you must instead sign-up to multiple Bingo sites and register or deposit at each. If you do try to claim multiple welcome offers at the same site and it is against their T&Cs (which usually it is) they will restrict your account, seizing the bonus and any winnings created through its use.

Are New Online Bingo Sites Safe?

Players are often sceptical of new sites, but there are two things you should know straight off the bat if you’re concerned about safety:

1. If a new Bingo site has secured UKGC licensing then they have been fully audited as inline with gambling laws, regulations and player protection- such as the separation of your funds and protecting your data online.

In practice, this guarantees that the site is safe and respects Fairplay. However, sites are only audited by the UKGC yearly (and this is where the doubt creeps in for players) so there is some room for misdemeanours or errors to take place, which is why players prefer more established sites- their reputation vouches for the upstanding nature of the site.

2. If a UK Bingo (or any gambling site) acts in a way you feel breaks consumer law, the rules of the casino or in a generally unfair manner, according to UK gambling regulation you should complain to the casino who must accept and deal with your complaint. If they are unable to reach a satisfactory outcome in-house, they must refer your complaint to Alternative Dispute Resolution for impartial mediation.

At, all our newly recommended Bingo sites have been fully put through the wringer, including a thorough background check against the operating company. This helps players avoid pitfalls like rogue sites or those who pop up for only several months, disappearing even more quickly.

There’s no need to overly worry about rogue sites. As the UK is a highly regulated gambling sector, it’s not a common occurrence, but it would be wrong to say that it doesn’t happen. To avoid an experience like this altogether, reading our Bingo site reviews is key, having an expert opinion and fully researched review on your side can often make instead of break your online Bingo experience.

How to check a Bingo Sites Licence?

If you find yourself in strange territory, trying a site outside the scope of our reviews then generally a quick check of the licensing at the bottom of the homepage of a new Bingo site can suffice. If there are other certifications such as the eCOGRA logo- even better! This means the site software is fully tested and certified as fair by an independent testing lab.

Again, if you want to take all the worry out of playing with new Bingo sites and bring on the fun, take the easy route and use’s Bingo Reviews!

Which Sites are Better, Established Brands vs Newcomers?

As we stated earlier on in this page, both new and established Bingo sites can be bad or good and will excel in different areas. The age of the site, in reality, adds only experience, reputation and market power all of which come with some advantages, the most important of which is the size of prizes available. Whilst new sites are fantastic if you want to find the biggest bonuses and innovative ways of pushing the game of Bingo forward adding an extra dimension to the game or creating a Bingo experience where every moment feels like you are playing a game through gamification of their sites.

Generally, we recommend newer players to try out a more established Bingo site first. Why? In a nutshell, you lack exactly what they have, experience. At established sites, a wealth Bingo expertise is created not just by the site, but also by its players who you’ll meet in the chat rooms. But remember there’s a lot to be gained from trying out multiple sites!

Overall, whether you favour one site over another will depend on many more factors than just the age of the site and advantages or disadvantages that brings. This is why reading our Bingo Site Reviews, which cover all aspects of the site puts you in the best stead to have a better online Bingo experience!

Who can play at new UK Bingo Sites?

Anyone over the age of 18 and resident in a country that allows UK gambling sites to operate is allowed to gamble at both new and old UK Bingo sites alike. To check your specific country validity at a Bingo site, load up the URL and see it restricts your access. This is because different countries have different gambling laws, but also may have their own gambling commissions who issue licences for operation in that territory- just like the UKGC does for the UK.

Can I play for free at new online Bingo sites?

If using a new bingo site no deposit no card details deal or playing a free game, you’ll be able to play for free. Free games themselves generally do not offer prizes as there is nothing for the site to gain from you joining in and they’d rather not make a loss, rather think of them as a great training ground for getting used to Bingo software. If you get free entry to a paid game from bonus cards or site credits then you can still win the prize pot.

Are all new Bingo sites mobile-ready?

We don’t give recommendations for new Bingo sites that are not mobile-ready. Over 40% of British players, doing so by mobile, it is a must for all new sites.

Do new Bingo sites offer different payment methods?

More often than not, payment options across Bingo sites are the same and dependant on the platform. Newer sites may have the advantage of embracing newer payment tech like cryptocurrency or being a crypto-only site.

How can I make a complaint against a site?

If you run into trouble with your Bingo site, there is an account error, or you feel you’ve been treated unfairly then you must first make a complaint directly to the casino. They are given the first chance to rectify any mistakes or issues in-house.

If no solution is found, you can request the casino turns the case over to their ADR company, who will, through independent means, reach a conclusion to the complaint siding with either you or the casino with an 8-time period.

The UK Gambling Commission has a great video on-site explaining the complaint process. You can also use free tools such as resolver to help you register your complaint and find out more about your rights when gambling online.

Best Slots Offers

  • Wink Slots

    30 Spins

  • 888 Casino

    £ 50 Bonus

  • Dream Vegas

    50 Bonus Spins

  • Slots Heaven

    200 Spins

  • Casimba

    50 Bonus Spins


Editors Choice Bonus

  • BingoIdol

    £ 120 Bonus.

  • Betfred Bingo

    £ £40 Bonus.

  • Mecca Bingo

    £ 60 Bonus.

  • The Sun Bingo

    £ 50 Bonus.

  • Wink Bingo

    £ 40 Bonus.

  • 888 Ladies Bingo

    £ 40 Bonus.

  • Bucky Bingo

    £ 20 Bonus.

  • Ted Bingo

    £ 50 Bonus.

  • Blighty Bingo

    £ 70 Bonus.

  • Pots Of Luck Bingo

    £ 40 Bonus.

  • Bingo Storm

    £ 80 Bonus.