What keeps online bingo fans entertained?

Online bingo trends in the UK have increased tremendously this year due to lockdown regulations and social distancing protocols.

In the past, land-based bingo was an extremely popular pastime. It far outstripped the popularity of the online versions of the game. It is evident that the social aspects of bingo are what draw the crowds.

Bingo nights have become group activities, places that friends get together to have fun, and hopefully, win rewards along the way. The same degree of interaction has just not been possible online.

This year has provided a shift in trends though, as people have become more concerned about the ever-present virus and their health. Even though the British bingo halls have re-opened, players have been slow in returning. It seems that they are far more comfortable in their own space, which means that UK bingo sites are now saturated with traffic.

Online Bingo Sets a Collision Course with Change

It’s clear to see that people are missing the social and interactive part of the game, though. In a now very competitive online bingo market, it is evident that the casino/bingo hall which offers the best social integration components is most popular.

To keep players entertained, gambling operators are going to have to work on some key areas, as people demand the following:

  • Fresh and compelling content: In the live environment, games are easily staged to provide fresh entertainment with exciting and immersive new themes. Players want this to continue into the online realms. Online bingo sites need to explore fresh ways to present their content and provide special features to give their game titles the edge.
  • Livestreaming capabilities: Players want to maintain the social aspect of the game while embracing the convenience of playing from home. Livestream options are therefore in great demand. It just helps people connect more and it created a more authentic atmosphere. The industry could lean on market leaders in the Live Casino segment to help navigate these exciting prospects.
  • A personalised experience: Players want to be known and not feel like a number at a digital table. Online bingo sites, therefore, need to offer players a more personal experience that makes them feel important and keeps them loyal. Players want to be loyal to a site, but they need a reason to be.
  • Group Interaction: Bingo players want to be able to play with their friends. It is, therefore, necessary for online bingo sites to provide games where groups of friends can join and play together. Casinos could learn a thing or two about this from mainstream video games where voice overlays are used for groups of people to interact and chat while the game is in play.

Pave the Way Forward on Principles of Community

While bingo fans are content with the current scenario online, a major shift in technology and innovation is needed to take the online bingo segment further to ensure that it maintains the crowds.

Building a community is the way to a bingo player’s heart, so it is the industry’s prerogative to ensure that this is their goal.

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