Trusted Bingo Games Providers You Should Know

Bingo sites have different operating software providers to ensure players get the most eye-catching, responsive, navigable, and elegant themes possible on gaming websites.

Some of the big wigs of the online gaming software sector include longtime industry players such as Virtue Fusion that powers sites like Mecca, BGO, and Coral.

Cozy is the other online gaming platform builder that ensures all Cozy-powered sites have networked games and flawless mobile gameplays.

And it would be a shame on our part if we didn’t give an honourable mention of the longstanding Dragonfish online gaming software outfit that powers Prize Land, Bonnie, Pizzazz, and many more of your favourite numbers games sites.

Enough with the teaser. Now, onto the good stuff. Here is a list of major bingo games providers that you should know:


It’s almost impossible to research online games and not come across the name “Dragonfish.” It’s by far the most popular online gaming software provider there is out there.

The Dragonfish network is mainly known for its reliability. Over 140 partner brands operate their sites and offer players a huge selection of numbers games and jackpots through the Dragonfish gaming platform.

You’ll notice that the online gaming sites that Dragonfish tech fuels tend to have similar game catalogues. That’s because the network runs and leases its great lineup of games. Hence, the partner online gaming sites tend to have nearly identical premium graphics and lag-free navigable user interfaces.

The network also boasts mega daily jackpots that can be as high as £1,000,000, progressive jackpots, and pre-purchase tickets, and loyalty points systems that make your favourite gaming site a melting pot of fun games and live chat rooms.

And it gets even better because some stand-alone gaming sites like Wink, Robin Hood, and 888Ladies lease the Dragonfish online gaming infrastructure but deploy it in an individualized fashion to offer punters even more variety and a robust gaming and regular promotions experience.

Sites on this network are best known for their 75-ball and 90-ball standard numbers games and their variations.


Talk about a multilingual and multi-currency online gaming operator, and PlayTech quickly gets into the picture. The network’s previously been prominent for powering casino and sports betting online gaming platforms.

In fact, PlayTech claims to be the world’s largest supplier of online bookmaker software. But that’s rapidly changing as Playtech has since ventured into and continues to solidify its place in the online bingo industry.

It might surprise most players that PlayTech is the gaming software behind major brands such as Mecca, Paddy Power, Gala, and Sky bingo sites. 

Did you know that PlayTech has the largest UK Bingo site market share in terms of having an Omni-channel numbers games network—the only one of its kind?

The software provider has over 100 brands using its various ‘skins’ or online gaming layouts and nearly 100,000 players on its partner sites on any given day, 20,000 of those being daily concurrent punters. It also has linked prize pools and over 300 side and chats room games.

PlaytTech has since expanded with its recent acquisition of Virtue Fusion (2010), ECM Systems (2016), and Eyecon (2017).

Jumpman Gaming

Jumpman Gaming has been at the forefront of iGaming innovation since its inception in 2010. They have an impressive online gaming track record, with over 150 custom-built, award-winning gaming sites for multi-national players.

Jumpman Gaming stresses brand identity, so their made-to-order partner gaming sites run stand-alone promotions.

Numbers games are a high-priority long-term plan at Jumpman Gaming. The network now even has a mobile-first bingo software outfit and a huge library of 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball games. All their bettors have the chance to secure a win and get a share of a £400,000+ monthly prize pool.

Cozy Games

There’s a good chance that you’ll land a no deposit bonus when you sign up with a Cozy Games gaming site or just so happen to be an avid player on one of their partner numbers games brands.

The gaming network is now part of ElectraWorks Limited – a subsidiary of GVC Holdings. Still, its rich selection of bingo variants, including the 30 speed, 50, 75, 80, and 90 ball versions, remains as dynamic as always.

The software provider hosts a diverse group of site partners on its Live, Best, and Lucky Duck network, skins, and game library.

Despite changing ownership, the online gaming platform still maintains its core strengths in game design and innovation. It’s likely to cause ripples in the online gaming industry for years to come.


Gamesys claims to be the world’s biggest bingo-led business. Some of the most prominent Gamesys skins include Jackpotjoy and Heart Bingo. The UK-based software provider has literally got skin in the game, marking a little over two decades in operations.

The Gamesys Group is an international online gaming operator with a unique and interactive game plan to online gaming software providers such as the widely popular Bingo and Slots Frenzy app in collaboration with Facebook.

The presence of the Gamesys logo on a gaming site should serve as a full-proof assurance that you’ll get various immersive instant win and jackpot numbers games to last you several online gaming sessions and then some more.

Pragmatic Play

Here goes another mobile-first online gaming software provider that’s got quite some online gaming accomplishments under its belt.

They offer a unique and fresh numbers games experience in highly stable and customizable online gaming environments.

Site owners only need a single API point of reference to access all the online game products Pragmatic Play offers. You might have seen some of their more popular game versions and rooms, including Country Road, Zoom Room, Snowball Blast, Rock N Swing, Sweet Bonanza, and Boombox, at your favourite gaming site.

The Bingo Blast variation is exclusive to Pragmatic Play, it’s a mobile-first design, and its gameplay is 4 times faster than a 90 ball game. Talk about differentiation. The software provider is also championing the concept of room mini-games, which are the equivalent of side and chat room games that punters can access while still playing the main card numbers games.

The breakdown above concludes our list of bingo games and software providers that you should look out for on gaming sites. Note that the gaming site you have an account with could be running on a skin that doesn’t appear on our top six above, but that’s not to mean you’re missing out. There are dozens more game providers. We just think the mentions in our guide happen to be among the best.

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