Top online bingo games for 2021

As the year is nearing an end, online bingo enthusiasts are looking ahead to which games they should look out for in 2021.

While it is difficult to forecast which new games will hit the virtual shelves next year, there is a contingent of titles that will continue to draw crowds in 2021.

Here’s a list of 4 of the hottest titles for the UK bingo sites right now that we believe will continue to be sizzlers late into the year.

1. Bingo Millions

Bingo Millions is a great game by Mutuel Play that comes in both 90 and 80 ball variants. The game pays out a series of fixed prizes for either completing lines (90-ball), columns (80-ball), or landing a Full House.

One of the main attractions of this title is that it is not influenced by how many people are playing the game in a single session. Unlike normal bingo games, where the calls end after a win is registered, the calls in this game will continue until all 70 are reached, regardless of whether a winner completes their “Bingo” in less time. Any further Full House calls will win a requisite prize.

The most notable part of the game is the enormous progressive jackpot available, which is seeded at £1.5 million. It is attached to all variants of the game, except the instant win variants which boast a flat £1 million prize, each.

There is also a Mega Bingo Millions title spin-off which is set to run every few months in 2021 with an enormous £10 million jackpot win as its bounty.

2. Bingo Blast

Pragmatic Play shows their online casino gaming diversity by offering not only killer slot titles and live casino games, but some awesome Bingo titles too. One of the most enjoyable is the Bingo Blast.

It is a mobile-first game that is designed to provide a fresh take on bingo, where each game round is 3 times faster than a standard bingo round. This makes it the perfect title for those who are playing on the go.

Each game takes place in 2 blasts. During the first one, the balls all appear on the screen and the ones that you have on your card are highlighted in orange. The numbers will automatically be ticked off on your cards. On the second blast, one ball will appear at a time from left to right along with a full ticket to reveal to you the status of your play. The balls will pop up until a Full House winner is found.

3. Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is another Pragmatic play bingo exclusive that is themed around the exciting online slot game of the same name.

It plays out as a 90-ball variant, where some sweet prizes are up for grabs if you are lucky enough to have the winning card in your possession

The light-hearted game theme will appeal to a wide audience who can play the game across both mobile and desktop platforms.

4. Heavyweight Bingo

Heavyweight bingo is a 90-ball bingo game that panders to high rolling players with huge prizes of up to £850 per round up for grabs.

You can get in on the number action by purchasing between 1 and 100 tickets for a price of only 25p each. Conveniently, these can be pre-bought, so you can be ready when the action starts.

A fantastic feature of the game is the live chat, which allows you to talk to your friends in-game, between calls.

An Explosive Future Awaits

With the growth in online bingo in 2021, we are expecting the industry to explode next year. As such, you can expect that more games will enter the market space with innovative features that may change the face of this segment in the industry forever.