Themed Bingo Games

You’ve probably heard of party themes before. Bingo game themes are no different.

A Bingo theme involves altering the bingo game rules, environment, cards and tickets, or any other aspect of a bingo game. The sole reason for making such changes is to ensure the gameplay falls in line with a particular theme that you have in mind.

Of course, you can base your game around any theme. As long as you stick to the core concepts of bingo, you’ll have a blast whatever theme you end up settling for. We had a brainstorming session with some of our resident analysts, who came up with a few theme examples.

Please have a look and give us your thoughts in the comment section.

Halloween Themed Bingo Games

It’s as simple as it sounds. Organize your bingo game around a Halloween theme. Bingo is not only a fun game but a social one, so be sure to organize your Halloween themed game night well in advance and send out invites to friends in a timely fashion.

You should plan a Halloween theme bingo game for the actual Halloween day (31st of October each year in the US and most other parts of the world) or at least during the month of Halloween so that it’s not too far off the Halloween season.

For a Halloween theme to work, it’s best to have a meet-up, whether virtual or physical and have your buddies dawn their Halloween costumes to follow along with the theme. As the host of the Halloween bingo, strive to complement the theme by having Halloween decorations, Halloween themed music in the background, Halloween food, drinks, snacks, and treats.

Follow through with the game paraphernalia to have Halloween bingo cards with a mixture of pictures, numbers, and mystery words. Think spooky stuff like spider webs, ghosts, different design carvings of jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, and witches to get that whole Halloween vibe going.

A Bingo Theme Around Impactful Historical Events

Some players might find a bingo theme that ties to historical events, popular dates and decades in history a bit boring. However, there’s bound to be a clique of diehards that’ll enthuse, buy into such a theme, and run with it.

An ideal scenario for a history bingo game theme would be a history professor getting his students together for a fun learning activity. The class participates in a history theme game to learn about World War I and II. Instead of the usual 30, 75, 80, or 90 bingo numbers games, the class can use a 5×5 card grid, with the 24 squares having different events or periods (in years) to do with World War I and II timeline. The students can then daub events and dates/years as the professor yells out hints to the history of those two world wars. 

A Baby Shower Bingo Theme

Baby showers are the perfect occasions to plan fun activities and engulf them in a theme to go along with the fun. Some people like to throw parties or have a cookout before the expecting couple bursts balloons—one filled with pink confetti (for a girl) and the other blue (for a boy)— to reveal the gender of the soon to be born child.

How about you take a different direction and turn your baby shower into a bingo game.

Use a free online random number generator and borrow a leaf from the paytable on Slingo. Link each of the winning numbers to the prizes that your baby shower guests have brought you.

Friends and family participating in the baby shower themed game to mark the corresponding numbers on their cards as you open the prizes. The first player to daub a full row of numbers calls bingo.

Base Your Bingo Theme on the Environment in Which You’re Playing

The typical player is chilling at the local bingo club or home on their computer and often on the go on their smartphone or tablet. Bingo games rarely occur outside those two settings unless you come up with a fancy theme for your gameplay.

Let’s assume you want to play the 75-bingo variant and don’t feel like checking in to your usual bingo hall or even going online at your favourite online bingo site. You want to do something different for a change.

Then it hits you.

You’ll be kicking it with your friends at the beach this weekend. That’s your cue to come up with a beach theme for playing games while at the beach or ocean view resort that you’ll be crushing at over the weekend. 

And since you’re playing 75-ball bingo, all you have to do is switch the usual BINGO letters at the topmost column of the card with the letters BEACH. The rest of the gameplay and rules can hold, but ensure you have some element of beach lingo and atmosphere to engrave the beach theme into the game.

For instance, you can collect and use shells from the beach to mark off your cards instead of the usual daubing with marker pens.

Reverse the Rules to Come up with a Whole New Bingo Game and Theme

Have you ever heard of death or inverse bingo? It’s a version of that turns the rules of bingo as we know them on a 3600 flip.

The game unfolds by the caller drawing and shouting out bingo numbers and the players daubing their bingo cards in the usual approach. The only difference is that the last man standing is the winner, and the player who gets to call bingo first gets eliminated.

Completing a row of numbers earns you elimination from the game. If a player is yet to cross off their lines at the call of the last number, the caller declares them the winner.

There’s a flipside to the death theme where the game ends when a player calls bingo. The bingo call, of course, eliminates that particular player. Of the remaining participants, the player with the least amount of marked squares takes the day as the champion.

As we said, the game themes in our highlight above come purely from brainstorming with our in-house experts. With literally hundreds of movies and TV shows, holidays, seasons, and historical events, you can base your game theme off of anything viable that comes to mind.

So follow our lead, take up the suggestions above, and see what these theme hacks do for your bingo gameplay.


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