Online Bingo: Is It Pure Luck or Is a Strategy Involved?

That’s an interesting question. And it depends on who you ask. Expert bingo reviewers and analysts will tell you that bingo is a game of skill and strategy. You need a couple of years or at least a few months of experience playing bingo to know what bingo variations to play and what odds to target.

On the other hand, Bingo laypeople will stick to their guns and argue that bingo is all about luck. You could take a trip down to your local bingo hall or club—which could be your very first visit to a bingo hall—and end up bagging a win on your maiden try at the 90-ball or 80-ball bingo.

Alternatively, a new player at an online bingo site could buy their bingo tickets and wake up to a bingo jackpot win on the following day. Or miraculously hit a 1-line bingo win, 2-line bingo combination, or maybe the highly sought-after full house bingo numbers if they “woke up on the right side of the bed.”

Better yet, the novice player could try their hand at the 75-ball version of bingo and wind up nailing a letter N, four corners, crazy kite, coverall/blackout, or any other 75-ball bingo winning pattern.

Assumptions aside, here are some of the tricks you can try to better your luck and strategy at winning in the game of bingo:

Take Full Advantage of Welcome Offers and Ongoing Promotions

Jumping on the welcome bingo bonus and bagging all the bingo promotions that come your way is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to increasing your chances of winning bingo. We doubt that there’s any online bingo out there living without a welcome package for new players as well as regular promotions for its punters.

For instance, an online bingo could require that you deposit as little as £10 and grant you a 500% bingo bonus. That gives you an extra £40 to gamble with, raising your odds at winning a bingo game that much. You might have to use the £10 real money before the bingo bonus becomes active, but it’s still a win.

Also, these bingo bonuses come with wagering requirements or playthrough rules on select bingo games. Any playthrough 4x and below is actually a good deal. You should take it, turn it into a winning strategy in and of itself, and run with it.

The same idea goes for promotions. There are online bingos with daily, weekly and monthly promotions to win extra bingo bankroll or prizes and loyalty points that you can convert to gameplay cash. It’s up to you to hunt these down.

Don’t forget to check out exclusives such as freemium bingo rooms that give novice and existing bingo players a chance to play for free: that is, a no-deposit bonus. An online Bingo site will need to have welcome offers and reasonable promotions for you to use this strategy.

Number of Tickets to Buy

This hack is kind of a no-brainer. The more bingo tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning a given bingo game. The trick lies in going for buy one get one free (BOGOF) ticket offers.

And because online bingo sites are full of bingo ticket discounts, you might find yourself being able to buy 2 tickets for as little as 50p or something like 4 tickets for a total of £5. That’s why it’s a great idea to sign up to your online bingo’s email list or subscribe to SMS notification services and get alerts on ticket price cuts and markdowns as soon as they’re available.

Let’s look at a scenario where 4 tickets are going for £5 and you spend £20 to get 16 bingo tickets. You have a better strategy and shot at winning than any player riding on one or just two tickets. But this hack can only work if the online casino game doesn’t have fixed odds which require players to have an equal number of bingo tickets.

Chatroom Games

We wonder how many players ever bother to participate in chat room games. Besides the main bingo session, there are chatroom games that can increase your chances of winning bingo real and cash prizes.

So whenever you’re in a bingo room, don’t just private chat with your new-found “roomies” or get carried away by the chat host’s antics. Find bingo-winning opportunities that can take your bingo gameplay to a whole new level and further the possibility of taking home those progressive bingo jackpots.

Another important aspect of bingo chat rooms is the number of room attendants. The more bingo players in the room, the more difficult it will be to win a game. A small room size makes it easier to win bingo games because there are fewer participants and, consequently, less risk of losing a game.

1TG, 2TG and, 3TG Bingo Games

Don’t let the above bingo lingo scare you. It simply means a bingo game where players playing for full house bingo can still bag a prize or get a share of some prize pool money. For a player to win, they must have either 1, 2, or 3 numbers left to achieve a full house on their bingo cards when the full house bingo game is won by any of the other participating players. Hence the terms 1TG, 2TG, and 3TG. TG means to go.

It’s a great strategy, considering prize pools can be anything from a couple of hundred to thousands of pounds. Imagine an online bingo having a £10,000 prize pool for 100 1TG, 2TG, and 3TG bingo players. It means each of the 100 players gets £100 for coming so close to but not winning the full house.

That’s a pretty cool way to bow out of a game. Some of these 1TG, 2TG, and 3TG players would even call it a win-win situation.

Got a strategy in mind that we left out? We’d love to hear it. Meanwhile, practice some or all of the bingo-winning hacks that we just gave you, and your bingo gameplay will never be the same again. 

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