How to Create a Network of Bingo Friends

If you’re a diehard bingo games fan, the thought of teaming up with fellow online gamers and forming a network of pals with the same interests might have crossed your head on several occasions.

It’s a great way to connect with friends, especially in these times of travel restrictions and reduced outdoor activities that have made it harder for friends and families to see each other more often.

We’ve scratched our heads, done a little digging, and came up with some really nice ideas on how you should go about creating a network of bingo buddies. Here you go.

Create a Single Group Communication Channel

A network can’t thrive without proper communication, so the first thing you should do is create a Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook group and add all your bingo friends.

It should make it easier for you to lay down any plans you have, for instance, a friendly bingo tournament, a virtual game night, and any other online games-related activities that you’d like to discuss with your network of iGaming friends.

Don’t confine yourself to social media, as other tools such as video-calling software would work just as fine. Examples include Skype, Discord, Zoom, Houseparty, and Facebook Messenger Rooms. In fact, some of this software can host several users at a go for hours on end and would be the perfect fit for hosting a night of bingo games with friends.

If need be, you can also create an email group and add your network of fellow players, especially if your network primarily consists of work associates at the office or work from home colleagues. It’s a pretty cool way to keep tabs with your remote work friends and plan virtual team-building activities such as playing online games.

Bingo Chat Room Friends

Talk about using resources already at your disposal to create a network of online gaming friends. Bingo sites have rooms where the players access different game variations, jackpot games, or even tournaments.

Being an avid player, you frequent these rooms several times a week. You must have identified a few friends who are equally regulars in the room. Maybe you’ve even always chatted with them or private message each other during gameplay.

Such room participants would make great candidates for forming a network of players that you can holla at and play competitive online games or team up with to ace a leaderboard tournament and chat room games. So, please don’t ignore your chat room friends. They might prove to be valuable assets to your iGaming network as well as an overall gameplay experience.

Even if you’re new to a new bingo site, you can install a tool such as Facebook Connect and use it to see who in your friend list has an account with the gaming site and invite them to form an online gaming network.

Use Multiplayer Platforms

Thanks to technology, many apps, client setups, and suites can download on desktop or mobile to enable and enhance multiplayer bingo.

We can think of a few examples like the bingo multiplayer application by BlazingApps from the Amazon App Store, where you can create a network by inviting friends via WhatsApp. You can also have up to four players participating in a single game and team up to challenge other players.

Another fine example would be the Bingo at-home tool from the Microsoft app and software store. The beauty of this tool is that it’s compatible with pc, phones, tablets, and virtual and augmented reality tools such as HoloLens and Oculus.

And that’s not all. Visit the Google Play and Apple stores and sift through many more downloadable multiplayer apps. Pick what suits you and your soon-to-be network of online gamers and run with it. 

Sign up With a Virtual Bingo Services Provider

Online platforms such as and Bingo Maker provide full-fledged virtual bingo services for players who haven’t registered with any online gaming sites. These online resources make creating online gaming networks a breeze since you can quickly grow a network of up to 1000 players.

The virtual services come complete with free virtual bingo games, cards or tickets, free virtual callers, a flashboard to display the ongoing game from your screen to players on other screens, all on an intuitive interface.

Virtual bingo services users can choose to custom design numbers games cards around popular holidays or themes, print them out and send them to network members beforehand. Or go hi-tech and simulate the entire game altogether.

Form a Network of Bingo Players With Your Work Mates

Whether you work from an office or work remotely, everybody has work colleagues. You can form a network of online gaming friends by virtue of holding regular online team-building activities such as playing bingo games.

Try this procedure with your network of online gaming work from home colleagues:

  1. Distribute online team building bingo cards to your remote work buddies
  2. Decide on a gaming timeline, which could be a single video-conferencing call on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Facebook Live Stream, or longer, say, a month-long tournament/gameplay
  3. It could be a numbers games or a human trait/character game where players earn points when they learn some information about a coworker that’s participating in the game
  4. Have players track their performance and daub their cards accordingly
  5. Gift players with different prizes based on the challenges completed, for instance, marking an entire row of boxes or crossing of the whole board

How did you like our ideas for creating a network of bingo friends? Were they on point, or did we leave something out? Write us a comment and let us know what you think. Better yet, what are you doing to create your network of online bingo friends?

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