Bingo Strategies That Will Help You Claim Regular And Lucrative Prizes

Are The Best Bingo Strategies Reliable?

Bingo is a fascinating game and people enjoy it for various reasons. There are individuals who play the game for fun since it is undoubtedly exciting plus it is easy to play. On the other hand, there are players who indulge in the game with the hopes of regularly claiming lucrative or life-changing prizes.

Whatever reasons you have for playing the game, it is always great to learn that bingo is a game of chance. You, therefore, don’t need to learn complex strategies to claim various prizes while enjoying your preferred bingo variant.

However, experienced players can admit that there are strategies that bingo enthusiasts can use to improve their chances of winning despite bingo being a game of chance. You have come to the right place if you want to familiarize yourself with these strategies. And the best part is that you can use them whether you are an amateur, seasoned, or veteran bingo player. Continue reading to explore these strategies and find out if they are reliable.

Top 7 strategies to use to increase your chances of winning at bingo games

If you have been wondering why some players are more successful at online bingo, then you have come to the right place. Below are 7 bingo tips that will help you claim regular bingo rewards.

Learn to Calculate Bingo Odds

You can increase your chances of claiming bingo prizes by getting acquainted with the process of calculating bingo odds. Fortunately, calculating bingo odds is straightforward. All you need to do is to divide the total number of bingo cards you are using with the total number of cards in the game. If you have 5 bingo tickets and the total number of tickets in the game is 200, your odds for winning the game will be 5 in 200 or ((5/100)*100) = 2.5%.

The prize section in online bingo games reveals the number of bingo tickets in the game. On the other hand, you will need to perform a headcount in bingo halls to determine the number of tickets in the game. Always remember that players in bingo halls can have a maximum of 6 tickets. Consequently, if you have 6 tickets and 49 other players also have 6 tickets, then your chances of winning will be 6 in 300 (the total number of tickets in the game) or ((6/300)*100) =2%.

Investigate Which Numbers Appear the Most

Now that you understand how to calculate bingo odds, the next thing you should know is which numbers appear the most in bingo games. As earlier highlighted, bingo is a game of chance and this means that there is no exact way of predicting which numbers the game’s host will call out during gameplay.

Nevertheless, “insider information” might help you identify the numbers that appear the most. And here, “insider information” can be obtained from the previous bingo results. Since bingo is a pure game of chance, you should remember that the numbers that appear the most might not appear in the next bingo game. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your luck.

Avoid Playing During Peak Hours

You can always know the attendance in a bingo game whether you are playing at a bingo hall or an online bingo site. With that said, playing bingo games with low attendance will improve your chances of claiming either lucrative or regular prizes since jackpot competition is lowest during off-peak hours, and the vice-versa is true. Jackpot competition is highest during peak hours.

It is important to note that bingo sites will distribute the jackpot prizes irrespective of the player turnout. And as earlier highlighted, the odds of claiming bingo prizes are determined by the number of tickets played on a particular bingo variant. That being the case, your odds of claiming bingo prizes will be highest when the number of played tickets is low.

Your Cards Shouldn’t Duplicate Numbers

Did you know that each bingo card/ticket has identical winning odds? Knowing this, you should never have tickets that include a certain number more than once since these tickets all have equal winning odds. Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of claiming life-changing bingo prizes by selecting tickets that don’t duplicate digits. Experienced players use this tactic to increase their chances of having tickets that contain specific called numbers.

Keep Cards from Previous Bingo Rounds

Gamers who play in bingo halls might have an opportunity to retain tickets from the previous bingo session. These tickets will help you identify the numbers that frequently come up. And they will also help you quickly locate the winning numbers once they are called out.

Play at Reputable Platforms

Playing on reputable bingo platforms has its perks. Whether you opt for an online site or a bingo hall, you should always ensure that your go-to bingo platform enjoys positive reviews from other bingo enthusiasts. If you find online bingo sites ideal, the first thing you should ensure is that it has a valid license, bingo offers, an easy-to-use interface, an assortment of bingo online payment methods. Alternatively, if you prefer bingo halls, ensure that their customers are satisfied with their offerings.

Start with Free Bingo

Bingo is incredibly easy to learn. For this reason, you might be tempted to start playing bingo games for real money prizes as soon as you get acquainted with the game’s rules. It would be best to use your money on bingo games after playing the free bingo games on offer from the newest bingo sites offering the game.

Spending time on free games will help you familiarize yourself with different variants of the game and their accompanying features. After getting enough bingo experience and exposure, you will have enough confidence to stake your money on bingo games.


As was mentioned in the beginning, there are two types of bingo players. Those who play the game enjoy themselves while interacting with other like-minded players and those who play the game with the desire to win lucrative prizes more than anything else.

The great news is that the strategies we have highlighted in this post will help players who fancy enjoying themselves and those who want to win bingo prize money have a fun, tale-worthy, and exciting bingo experience.