Playing Bingo on Mobile or Desktop Which Is the Best?

You must be wondering whether this is a trick question. It’s not. It’s actually an age-old question that bingo site operators and players wrestle with every single day. Because, on the one hand, there are half as many bingo halls as there were 10 or 20 years ago, and there can only be one explanation for that. The bingo player in 2021 is more likely to buy an online bingo ticket than go to the local bingo club.

Times have changed, and most bingo enthusiasts have gone online—on their personal computers at home or on the go on their mobile phones and tablets. Almost every service and aspect of our lives seems to be migrating online. Banking, E-commerce, education, dating, you name it. Bingo and casino games are no different.

So even as bingo companies strive to move their services online, they still have to ensure that players have great gameplay whether playing on desktop or mobile. The desktop or mobile version of online bingo could also be a make-or-break factor for some players.

Let’s now pit desktops against mobiles and deep dive into serious discourse about which of the two provides the best online bingo experience.

The Size of the Screen

If the screen size is an issue for you, mobile gaming won’t cut it. Most mobile devices have a screen size of about four to seven inches, which is pretty small compared to the size of desktop monitors, some of which can be as big as the TV set in your living room.

 Even if you decide to play bingo on a phablet (a hybrid between a phone and a tablet) or an actual tablet, you’re still looking at a screen size of 10, 12 inches at most. That doesn’t even begin to dwarf the massive computer screens available on the market right now.

So, hands-down, desktop computers take the crown for the best online bingo playing experience as far as the size of the screen is concerned.


You can look at game performance from several angles before concluding which device between mobiles and desktops provides better bingo gameplay. Nowadays, gaming computers are on another level. From the processor to the clocking speed to the ram and storage capacity on these things, desktop gaming computers are likely to rival the performance of the best gaming smartphone on any day.

Despite being small, handheld devices, most smartphones, let alone gaming smartphones, are now leaving production lines dawning an impressive specifications (spec) sheet. You’ll come across mobile phones running on the latest chips such as Helio, Snapdragon, and Exynos, which are pretty strong contenders in the smartphone world.

Additionally, mobiles now have up to 16 gigs of ram and 500 gigs worth of storage capacity. But what you should note is that not all bingo players can afford the high-end gaming desktop or smartphone. It’s a close race for performance, but a decent desktop might provide punters better performance playing bingo compared to standard spec mobile devices.


Having the most expensive gaming desktop, something like the Acer Predator or Razor Blade has nothing against the portability of mobile devices. Players would rather play their bingo games on the go than be stuck at home playing the same bingo games on a desktop computer.

The mobility aspect of mobile devices blows the screen size and performance superiority of desktops completely out of the water when it comes to the best portable device to play bingo games on. We could have dealt mobile bingo enthusiasts an argument that laptops are the closest gadgets to desktops and that they’re portable as hell. But then again, this is a versus between playing bingo on mobile and desktop, not mobile and laptops.


The problem with desktops is that you need peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse to operate your bingo game and reply to chats while in a bingo room. But desktop lovers can make the case that most desktop screens now have touch input, but so do smartphones.

So what draws the line between which is best in facilitating interactivity when knee-dip into a bingo game session? We’re inclined to say mobiles, but then there is the fact that avid desktop games can use just the keyboard and manage to nail all the functions and features of the bingo game.

The only upper hand with mobile is that you don’t have to deal with cables or any extra connections. All the controls and functionality fundamentals are in-house or in-build. This stand-off makes it a neck-to-neck affair for interactivity and, therefore, a 1-to-1 score.

You’ll have an easy time interacting with callers, chat hosts, and other players in your online bingo community regardless of whether you’re gaming on desktop or mobile.

Graphics and User-Interface

Ideally, there should be no difference in the look and feel of the game on both desktop and mobile. That’s if the bingo site software provider and operator have made sure of that. Desktop user interface features and displays should easily and seamlessly translate to a mobile screen. For instance, if you have a 4K display desktop screen, you should get the same 4K picture quality if you’re gaming on a 4K-capable mobile screen.

However, this isn’t always the case, especially if the UK bingo site has a native app dealing with bugs and a lack of updates for prolonged periods. Or, if the mobile browser you’re using doesn’t support the particular bingo site you’re running. So, you can’t outright state that online bingo game graphics and user-interface will be better on desktop or mobile because other factors lead to that conclusion.

Generally, playing bingo on a desktop is much better than it is on mobile. With performance and size of the screen, playing bingo on desktop rules. You can also conclude that bingo gameplay on mobile rocks compared to desktops because of the portability leverage.

 It boils down to preference for each player. Some players want to play on the move, while others would rather settle for a big screen.

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