Bingo Game Ideas for Adults

Is there really much of a difference between having bingo game themes and bingo ideas for adults? We don’t think so. If any difference, it would have to be the exception that bingo ideas for adults are bingo game themes specific to adult bingo players. And they don’t have to be anything promiscuous either.

The ideas are just fun bingo themes that adults can easily pick up and enjoy without having to feel like they’re engaging in child’s play. So, picture some grown folks throwing a house party and need some party games and activities for the night. Or you and your friends from work having a couples’ retreat at a cabin in the woods.  Maybe an end-of-year party at your workplace that will involve food, drinks, dancing, some fun activities, and even an interdepartmental bingo tournament to make it enjoyable. What kind of bingo game themes for adults would you come up with on the fly?

Check out the ideas we have for you below before you beat yourself up, trying to come up with your own.

Playing Bingo Games for Cash Prizes

We bet it would suck to go over to your friend’s house only to play a friendly game of Poker, with no stakes to rile you up, let alone a high-stakes Poker game. That’s why a sleepover party at your friend’s place should entail immersing in multiple Poker sessions for a cash prize, especially if you have a casino-style Poker table with chips and everything.

You can do the same when playing bingo. While there’s nothing wrong with playing bingo for the love of the game and the fun of it, playing for a cash prize or other coveted reward such as tickets to an NBA game would really bring out the competitor in you.

Dice Bingo Games for Adults

Here is a bingo game idea that suits adults. We’re pretty sure you haven’t heard of dice bingo before. And if you have, then you probably don’t know the mechanics of the game, so please allow us to break it down for you.

Dice bingo involves the use of two small wooden, dice-like blocks. You’ll need your bingo card ready, preferably a 5×5 grid with 25 squares that resembles the 75-ball bingo card, with the blank square in the middle.

The card should have the letters “BINGO” at the top and a five-square column below each letter. The five rows should be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Take one of your wooden dice blocks and mark the sides with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Dub the fifth side FREE. Do the same with the second block, except you’ll use the letters B, I, N, G, and O instead of the numbers 1 through 5. Retain one of the sides as FREE.

It’s time to play dice bingo. Each of the players gets their turn rolling the two dice and then daubs their card accordingly. For example, if you roll the dice and land on “B &5,” cross off the B,5 square on your bingo card. Mark any square you want on row 5 when you get a “FREE and 5” on your dice roll. A “FREE & FREE” dice roll allows you to check any square on the entire bingo card.

The drill goes on until one of the players achieves one of the winning patterns set out at the beginning of the game.

Find the Guest Bingo

It’s all in the name. Bingo games are all about breaking the ice and getting to know other bingo participants, be it the UK best bingo sites in a bingo chat room, at the bingo hall, or even at a party or social function where bingo games are an item on the list of fun activities. You can easily make a find the guest bingo card or find and purchase a printable version online.

The beauty of this bingo game idea for adults is that you prepare the bingo card clues to find a guest well before the party, making it that much more competitive and harder for any player to have the upper hand over other participants.

For example, some of the hints you can expect on a find the guest bingo card include a guest that:

  • Has red nail polish on
  • Has more than one child
  • Is wearing blue
  • Is engaged
  • Went to high school with the bingo game host or caller
  • Doesn’t drink coffee
  • Has no pets or kids
  • Speaks more than one language
  • Is vegetarian or vegan
  • Has been married for at least the last five years
  • Drove two hours plus to get to the party
  • Wears glasses, etc.

You can think up these clues or base them on your wildest thoughts, given the extreme fashion trends of the 21st century and the diversity of people you expect at the party.

As the host, you can also participate since the bingo game doesn’t require any calling of bingo numbers. Just get the most guests that match the descriptions on your find the guest bingo card and race to be the first to cross off a complete bingo card line in any direction. Then, yell bingo and call the host to verify your one-line win before the game can continue to declare a two-line, three-line, four-line, and full house winner.

How are the above three examples of ideas for adults? They’re perfect for that summer party, high school reunion, couple’s indoor dinner date, or office party to bring out some adult fun in your bingo gameplay.

So make your pick and try them out the next time you’re hosting a social gathering and need something to engage your guests. Better yet, add these three to your list of fun ideas for adults.


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