Types of Bingo Chat Room Games

Chat room games are like a bingo site’s best-kept secret that only the avid bingo players know of and ride on to earn some extra prizes in bonus funds, free spins, and earn more bucks in prize money or even jackpots. 

Some room games resemble the actual 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball games, though with tweaks and a special set of rules to mimic the social ambience of bingo halls and make it more fun.

The room games come with their gameplay buzzwords and lingo that only chat room regulars can decode. The towering figure in the rooms is a host who moderates the chat room activity, including games and discussions.

Of course, the other participants that prominently feature are the player or chat room members or roomies and the caller who runs the numbers when the chat room games are a variation of conventional games.

Punters can chat on a peer-to-peer level and private message each other back and forth, during or in-between bingo chat room games.

You can participate in online chat games and strive to win a trivia question chat game as the auto-daub goes on that active 90-ball main game session. Alternatively, players can join offline chat room games but won’t have as many roomies to chat with as when playing online chat room games. 

Most gaming sites provide free entry to chat room games but don’t be surprised to learn that others charge for the same service. It shouldn’t be a big deal because most chat room games cost measly 5p to £1, making them overly affordable even to newly registered players.

Chat room games vary depending on two factors: the gaming sites native chat games and the promotions policy that are subject to regular change.

And the chat host’s creativity and inventiveness when it comes to revamping the games or introducing new ones altogether, seeing as he/she is the moderator and is at liberty to shake up the chat games lineup or even invite the network of chat room participants to suggest new chat games and tournaments.

And with that brief chat room games inception, let’s have a look at some of the more popular games you should look forward to for a lively chat room gameplay experience.

Trivia Games

If you enjoy pop quizzes and trivia questions, you’ll love it every time the chat room host announces a trivia game along with the bonuses and cash prizes up for grabs. The games entail general knowledge topical mini-quizzes that touch on virtually any random subject the host chooses.

The topic category could be culture, showbiz, politics, film and TV, history, science, you name it. Once the question rolls out after the host’s announcement, it’s up to the players to battle it out as each punter races to be the first to write the correct answer on the chat room live chatbox.

Some examples of trivia game questions include:

  • Karaoke Trivia where the host posts certain lyrics of a song and asks roomies to name the artist or complete the missing section on the lyrics
  • Movie Trivia that requires punters to name a film only based on a popular quote or a famous actor’s screenplay character

The first player to give the right answer wins the games or earns some points on the chat room game leaderboard and moves closer to winning the overall trivia games prize.

Numbers Games

We’re talking about bingo chat room games, so it only serves you right to expect the host to launch games in your chat room game sessions. There’s a boatload of variations when it comes to bingo games. Here are some perfect examples of how hosts play around with numbers:

  • First or last ball drawn: roommates have to guess which number the caller will yell out first and which one will be drawn last in a 30-ball, 75-ball, or any other chat room games. The player who guesses right wins the day.
  • Mirrors or mirror, mirror chat games: room members have to track the numbers and spot all mirroring instances such as 21 and 12, 54 and 45, 32 and 23, etc. to win the game.
  • Eggs up: players predict that a preselected number will end with a zero when called. The right prediction wins the game.
  • Birthdays: a player must give the host details of their birthdate, and if the caller happens to call all digits of your birthdate, type in “birthday” in the chat room chat box to let the host know that there’s a winner.
  • Blackjack: participating players give the chat host two numbers that add up to 21. The first player to post “Blackjack” when their numbers are called wins.

Like we mentioned before, chat hosts can come up with all kinds of chat games and variations of traditional bingo, slots, or casino games, so expect numbers games in chat rooms.

Roomies or Buddy Games

Buddy games will help you greatly, especially if you’re trying to build a network of bingo friends. Why? They involve teaming up with your roomies. You’re bound to interact on a deeper level while you play the fun games. The buddy games you’ll frequent on gaming sites include:

  • Up and Down: The immediate punters above and below you also get a prize when you win a chat game
  • Alphabet buddies: Bettors sharing a similar first letter to that of your username get a reward when you win a chat game
  • Team Roomies: your chat room teammates share in your win by getting bonus prizes when you take home a chat game challenge

Themed Chat Games

You’ll also encounter chat games based on various themes that range from a theme that matches a season or time of year, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. It could also be a theme surrounding pop culture phenomena or popular events in sports like the super bowl, NBA playoffs, or the Daytona 500.

Chat room games are a thing, and you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss them as child’s play because they might just be your ticket to a bingo jackpot win. 

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