Online Bingo Games: Basic Rules, Game & Strategy Guide

Bingo is a classic game, that dates back to Italy in 1530- a spin-off of the national lottery. It’s a staple game played worldwide and has not changed much since its creation, other than being translated into differing cultural favourites and forms as it has penetrated every corner of the world!


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RedBus Bingo

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Bucky Bingo

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Bubble Bonus Bingo

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Nutty Bingo

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Sailor Bingo Review

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Blighty Bingo

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BGO Bingo

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Mecca Bingo

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Betfred Bingo

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Buzz Bingo

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Did you know, in Vietnam, ancient style live Bingo games are still publicly held? They are highly exciting and styled more like a game shows with costumes, live music and entertainment. Numbers are drawn and instead of screens showing the result, they are carried aloft a bamboo pole, written on big sheets of parchment and paraded for the audience of players.

However, in Europe and America, amazingly, it is one of the only games that has maintained almost exactly its original form. Well, we say that, but it has made the huge and daunting move online, then mastered mobile play, along with hundreds of other minute innovations and changes to the rule, software or graphics. You could say, the game has been tweaked to perfection, more than seen fundamental innovation.

Want to find out how to play and win Bingo? The basic rules and formats of online Bingo? And the different types of online Bingo game and software? Then keep reading, we’ve got all that and more, even covering your most commonly asked online Bingo game queries!

What are the Different Types of Online Bingo Game?

  1. 90-Ball Bingo: Britain’s Favourite

90-ball Bingo is played on a rectangular card, with 15 numbers per card, and 90-balls in play. Players almost always play a block of 6 cards, called the strip in any one game. It’s known as the longer game of Bingo, which is why players love it, that and the fact they can win 3 different ways in a single game- a single line, double line or full house.

  1. 80-Ball Bingo: The New Kid on the Block

Considered the happy middle ground between 75 and 90-ball Bingo, being more substantial than the first, but not quite as long as the latter and so keeping the game ever fresh and lively. 80-ball, like 75-ball, offers winning patterns and is played on a 5x5 card with a star in the middle space. Unlike any other Bingo Card, the columns have colours too. Winning patterns vary widely depending on where you play, the room theme and time of year.

  1. 75-Ball Bingo: Takin’ the States by Storm!

America’s daring, 75-ball Bingo, is often called Pattern Bingo and has taken, not just the States, but the world by storm. Pattern Bingo is played on a 5x5 square card, with 75 balls in play and every square, except the middle-filled with a number from 1-75. In a standard 75-ball online Bingo game, the winning patterns are the first to make a double line, cross and then the race to a full house! Pattern Bingo is highly popular as it offers many ways to win, that can change per different game. If it’s Christmas time and the site is celebrating the way to win might be making a Christmas stocking or tree! As winning patterns change, they can be more or less complex and provide great fun.

  1. 30-Ball Bingo: Speed Lover’s Daily Escape

This is the fastest game of Bingo available at sites and great to play on the go or when you have only a few moments to spare, however, it offers only a single winning opportunity. 30-ball Bingo is played on a 3x3 card, with 30 balls in play. It is a straight race for the first player to get all 9 numbers on their complete card drawn and claim BINGO!

Online Bingo Chat Games: Social Gaming

Bingo Chat Games are the latest innovation to the online Bingo scene and bridge the gap between the online software and live Bingo. When Bingo first took to the internet, players felt it lost a fundamental social element that Bingo Halls provided- a community so to say. To combat this, Bingo Chat and Chat Games were created, moderated by a host. They encourage players to get social, enjoy a chat and to team up whilst they play, even competing against other teams to answer questions, win prizes draws, and loads more. When it comes to modern Bingo, it quite literally pays to chinwag as the chat host specialises in bringing players together to benefit!

Bingo Rooms and Themes

A major way that Bingo operators differentiate themselves from others is by running themed rooms or sites. For example, Monster Casino offers a Stars and Stripes themed Bingo Room and Robin Hood Bingo offers Bingo Roulette, whilst The Sun Bingo is known for its great selection of side games! Every site has something new to add that differentiates it from the crowd, but you either need to know what you’re looking for, or read our expert reviews and latest Bingo Guides to find out!

How Does Online Bingo Work?

Online Bingo is a game of chance and it also happens to be a very simple game. In live Bingo there are between 30-90 balls in play, the balls are drawn one by one as players race to be the first to make a winning line or BINGO to win a prize. The number of balls and specific game rules varies depending on which variant of online Bingo game you are playing. The details can always be found in the game rules if unsure.

Online Bingo software emulates the live game. The rules and possible outcomes are coded into the Bingo software, which uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that each draw of the ball is a random choice from the possible remaining outcomes for each stage of the game. This ensures fair gaming, as stipulated by the Licencing Conditions and Codes of Practice for all UK Bingo sites. This means there is no possible way to predict which ball will be drawn.

Starting with the maximum outcomes, with each draw, the odds of the remaining balls being drawn are increased, which makes it an incredibly exciting race to the jackpot prize. And when playing online Bingo you can opt to either use an automatic dauber, which is quite effective when playing many Bingo Cards in the same game, or those who favour tradition chose to keep track of their own cards and the numbers called.

As the game progresses you can use the Bingo Chat function to keep in contact with friends who are also joining the game from home or on the go, thanks to the flexibility of Bingo software!

Bingo Strategy: What are the Best Ways to Win at Bingo?

Bingo is random, a game of chance-right? Therefore, surely there are no quick win strategies?

Wrong, well partially at least. Bingo is as we stated earlier, a random game of chance, but you can play the odds and here’s how:

  1. 1. Pick Bingo Cards that have a spread of numbers: This embraces the random nature of Bingo, spreading your chances and not grouping them. Random numbers rarely draw in groups.
  2. 2. Play more Bingo Cards: If every player at the game has an equal chance of luck favouring them in the game by having only one card, then double your odds and buy two or even more! Remember the automatic dauber will help you keep track!
  3. 3. Play during off-peak hours: If more cards in a game or players, lower the odds of you winning, then playing during quieter hours for less competition and more chance of pocketing the prize pot.
  4. 4. Use promos to play free Bingo games or pay less: Playing more increases your odds of winning. Just as playing free Bingo games can increase the amount you win as you don’t need to buy the cards- both solid strategies for trying to win more. Stay on top of all the latest Bingo bonuses at the top Bingo sites with

How to Play Free Bingo Games & Get in Some Practice

When it comes to learning how to play, there is no substitute for experience. So, the best way to learn how to play is to buy some Bingo Cards, and wait as the numbers are called. You’ll soon begin to understand what is happening around you.

In other hot news, online Bingo games can be free to play and still offer prizes! Free Bingo games are also a fantastic way to learn the rules of a game, and all good Bingo sites offer some form of no deposit deals or free rooms where Bingo games are free to play.

This is a distinct area where online Bingo has an advantage over the type of Bingo played in land-based venues, as you’ll rarely find land-based Bingo Halls offering people the chance to play for free! When you play for free, you should treat the game as you’d treat a real money game though, so you can make the transition easily. Read more about the Top 10 Bingo Sites for Bonus Lovers.

Remember not to play Bingo for free for too long though, as you’re missing out on the chance to win real money. Instead, take the time needed to learn the rules of the game, and then deposit some cash and give yourself a chance to win some absolutely huge prizes. Lastly, have great fun gaming and trying out different types of online Bingo games!

Online Bingo Games FAQ

What are the most popular online Bingo games?

In the world of online Bingo, there are two versions of the game that dominate: 75-ball Bingo and 90-ball Bingo. They both work in roughly the same way, however, there are more numbers in the 90-ball version, therefore meaning that games can last longer, and there’s less chance of two or more players winning the jackpot at the same time.

Different software providers have their own versions of these games though, and they have added in unique and interesting features; try out versions of these exciting games at different sites, as they are likely to be very different from each other!

There are many other types of popular games online though, ranging from the incredibly exciting Deal or No Deal Bingo, through to the fast-paced 30-ball Bingo. There are even some versions of Bingo that combine the game with other popular casino games, such as Bingo Roulette.

Can I win money playing online Bingo games?

Just because Bingo is a game of chance, it doesn’t mean that you can’t win some significant amounts of money though. Some lucky players walk away with thousands of pounds when they manage to win a game and the biggest jackpots can be impressive figures, but remember that they attract more players and so more contenders in the race for the prize pot.

How can I play mobile Bingo games?

Play mobile Bingo exactly the same way you play desktop Bingo, but using your phone via a Bingo mobile site or App. Many people in the UK play Bingo using a mobile device every day. The gameplay at mobile phone Bingo sites games will be exactly the same as the gameplay of desktop games, although the layout of the games will be slightly different, so they fit nicely onto a mobile screen.

In the case of some new Bingo sites, that are designed as mobile-first, they are designed for mobile play and then optimised secondly for desktop use, often the mobile experience is better.

How often are new online Bingo games released?

New games are released all the time, however, most of them are new versions of existing games.

For example, one software producer might release a new version of 75-ball Bingo, which follows the same rules, but has a slightly different look and feel. Occasionally though, a software company will come up with a new game, and this can go one of two ways: it can be a massive success, and go on to appear at all good Bingo sites, or players could really dislike it, and it eventually gets dropped.

If you see a new game at an online Bingo site, you should definitely try it out though. You could find that it is perfect for you, offering a feature you wish had been included in other games. What’s more, it will help to keep your online gambling experience an interesting one.

Where can I find the best Bingo sites and games?

The best Bingo variants, rooms and bonuses can all be found at the Bingo sites we review and recommend. We’ve thoroughly checked the market for the best Bingo sites and tell you exactly what to expect in our full Bingo Site Reviews!

We’re an independent review site that takes recommendations seriously and you are guaranteed to only find top-notch options at our site!

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