How to play Slingo

Once upon a time, a New Jersey real estate chap, Sal Falciglia Sr., thought to combine the casino gaming elements of video slots and bingo. The result was a hybrid game never seen before in the gambling industry. He went on to daub Slingo and trademark and couldn’t wait to share his newfound gambling invention with the world.

The slots and numbers games players across thus would love the new twist. And before long, online gaming company Gaming Realms had the lease rights to Slingo, marking the onset of Slingo Bingo on UK soil.

So online Slingo is still pretty new to UK punters, but players who’ve been keeping up with the online gaming times might have heard of the term Slingo Originals. Slingo made its debut as a free online game in the UK online gambling scene.

But it’s quickly gaining favour with online gaming sites and getting a warm reception by the millions of UK bingo legions.

Today, multiple online casinos and bingo sites have Slingo as part of the game titles variety or lineup of numbers games variations. Slingo is now a serious real money online game contender.  Just google “Slingo bingo sites UK” and see how many you’ll have at your disposal.

What is Slingo?

We guess it’s safe to settle for the definition that Slingo merges the 75 ball and five-reel slot online gaming aspects. You’ll still have the conventional 5×5 75 ball game grid or virtual numbers games card, except it will have a 5-reel online slot machine below it that’ll serve as your ball drawer or random numbers generator.

A spin of the Slingo slot presents you with five numbers to compare with the numbers on your card and daub accordingly. Like online bingo, Slingo comes with an auto-daube feature that you can activate when playing these games. 

Seeing as the “caller” is the random number generator or reel and not your usual numbers games caller, there are also slot symbols that come up with each spin. The various slot symbols include jokers, super jokers, gold coins, etc., and they influence rewards that you can get, such as free spins on the slot or instant prizes outlined on a paytable.

The special symbols also affect the actions that you can take on your bingo card as you strive to register a win.

Most online gaming sites simply look at Sling as a cross between slots and bingo, but as the insiders will tell you, there are notable differences between your ordinary slots and Slingo, which include:

  • The Slingo slot is a five-reel variant, but you can only see one space on each reel or column of the slot. It’s a significant departure from your ordinary slots that typically reveal three or more reel spaces after a before and after a spin.
  • Convectional numbers games only entail numbers and patterns. Slingo incorporates symbols of the card or ticket. The symbols include popular video slots images and characters that those of you punters who’ve had a slot craze before will readily recognize. We’ve already mentioned some of these symbols, including gold coins, jokers, and free spins, among others that feature on both the reel and numbers games ticket.
  • Just like standard numbers games, you can choose to play single-player or multi-player Slingo games. The multi-player version can be great for the social aspect, especially if you play Slingo with your roomies in the online gaming site’s chat room games.

Special Slingo Symbols

As we’ve already highlighted above, Slingo has several special symbols that you’ll come across during your gameplay. Landing any special Slingo characters gives you a chance to rake in more game points or activate previously locked features.

Like its “cousin” bingo, there are standard Slingo versions and a diverse selection of Slingo variants on the market. It all depends on the online gaming site you’re on or the Slingo game provider at hand.

So whether you’re looking at a standard Slingo game or are indulging one of its online variations, these are the main Slingo symbols that you’ll encounter:

  • Gold coins. These are a life-saver because they afford you bonus points, instant prize wins on the paytable, and get you lots of free spins opportunities.
  • Devils. These are the bustard Slingo Symbols that’ll chop away at your bonus points and dwindle your chances of daubing numbers on your bingo card.
  • Cherubs. They are heaven-sent and the exact opposite of devils. Pray that you land cherubs because they’re your sure-fire equalizer against some of the losses that devils will have caused you during your gameplay.
  • Jokers and Super jokers. Jokers are known as the wildcards of Slingo; jokers allow you to cross off any number on the bingo card column directly above the reel on which the joker symbol lands. A bit different from joker game privileges, super jokers allow you to mark any number of your choice on the entire bingo card, except that you’re confined to just one row or column or number. Landing three or more jokers or super jokers earns you an instant cash prize.
  • Free Spin: Free spins symbols mean you’ve just won an extra spin on the slot.

How to play Slingo

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. How do you actually play Slingo? It’s simpler than you think, especially if you have some experience playing online bingo and slots.

On most gaming sites, punters get a set number of spins. The gaming site allocates the pre-set spins before the game starts. It would be something in the ballpark figure of 10 and 30 spins, depending on the Slingo variation and the online gaming site you have an account with.

The spins represent your chances of spinning the reels to gain more points, free spins, land special symbols, and match and daub as many numbers on your bingo card as possible.

There’s a timer that you must observe in-between spins and daubing any matching slot and card numbers before you can proceed onto the next spin. Watch out for that time restriction, particularly if you haven’t turned on the auto-daub or if one isn’t available for the Slingo game you’re playing, and you have to cross off matching numbers manually.

Once you’ve completely expended all your free spins, including the bonus spins, you’ll have the option to buy more for as long as there are numbers to mark off on the card.

There are several ways in which you can win at Slingo, depending on the Slingo mode you’re playing. These winning formulas include:

Raking in the most amount of game points for multi-player Slingo. You garner points from game activities like marking off numbers. Entire line daubs give you quite some points on the Slingo point-based system, but a blackout or coverall (crossing off all numbers) will give you the biggest points boost. Jokers and coins will also earn you some points.

In single-player Slingo, punters work with a pre-determined score that they must either match or surpass to win the game.

See, we weren’t lying when we said playing Slingo is easy peasy, so the novice Slingo players can relax and try their hand at this fun online slot and bingo variation. Be sure to check out popular Slingo titles such as Slingo Riches, Slingo Extreme, Deal Or No Deal Slingo, Slingo Fortunes, Slingo Fluffy Favourites, and Slingo Starburst.

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