How To Make your Bingo Games More Fun

Bingo games are fun. That’s an indisputable fact. If you haven’t had a bingo session before, then you don’t know what you’re missing. And the best part is that even for the diehard bingo players, there’s always a trick to bring out even more fun from a game of bingo.

Whether you’re thinking of switching up environments from playing bingo at a bingo hall to holding a bingo festival/carnival, mixing it up to introduce other card games into your bingo game, playing Slingo rather than the usual online bingo, or even inventing different bingo patterns and winning combinations, there’s really no limit to making your bingo games more fun. So check out some of the fun bingo game hacks we think you should try out.

Change the Bingo Winning Patterns

The bingo patterns that most bingo players are fond of are four corners, letter N, two or more diagonal, horizontal or vertical lines, crazy kite, and coverall or blackout. While nothing’s wrong with getting one of these bingo patterns and calling bingo, some players would appreciate a different lineup of shapes or patterns to aim for when playing a bingo game.

As a bingo player, what patterns would you develop to break the monotony of the current bingo winning designs in use? Remember, you’re spicing things up for fun, so you don’t have to complicate the patterns you come up with. But make them unique enough to keep the bingo game interesting. 

Here are some ideas for you, two parallel diagonal or horizontal lines to form railroad tracks, the shape of a bowtie, a pyramid, an arrowhead, a barbell, a tree, empty champagne glass or a full one, the semblance of a turtle, the dollar sign, an aeroplane, a checkmark, etc. Try some of these winning bingo patterns and see how your bingo game goes.

Double the Bingo Prize

Everybody loves a “two for the price of one situation” from time to time. It’s a great way to rile up bingo participants and get them looking forward to bingo games every time. 

You can use a couple of routes to increase the prize a bingo game winner takes home. One would be to increase the overall prize possession. For example, if the ultimate winner in a 75-ball bingo game bags a $1000 gift voucher, you can decide to make it more fun and instead give the bingo champion a $2000 voucher.

Alternatively, you can settle for incremental bingo prizes. For instance, if it’s a leaderboard bingo tournament that you’re playing, winners at every stage of the contest get prize money in addition to making it to the next phase of the tournament.

Double their prize money with every stage of the bingo competition. Give the winners coming in at first, second, and third place at every stage incremental prize money to make the bingo game more competitive and fun.

Don’t limit yourself to these suggestions. Feel free to come up with any other reasonable formula to double up the prize money.

Trade the Numbers Games for Picture Bingo

Ever thought of replacing the numbers on a bingo card with pictures?

The closest thing to picture bingo is Slingo, except that picture bingo exclusively uses pictures instead of numbers for all bingo games. The way picture bingo works are, the caller yells out descriptions of images on the picture bingo card, and the players try to identify the picture’s description on their card so they can daub it and inch closer to calling bingo.

So, rather than have a 52-, 75-, 80-, 90-ball bingo game, it’ll be something in the lines of a 52-, 75-, 80-, 90-picture bingo game. Don’t overthink it. It’s simply the replacement of numbers on our bingo card with various pictures. What a catchy way to bring in a twist of fun to your bingo game.

Change the Environment in Which You Play Bingo

Changing environments is a bit of a stretch for most bingo players. But think about it for a second. You’re either playing bingo games online, and the only interaction you have with other players is in the chatroom area. Or maybe you’re playing bingo at your local bingo hall or club that you’ve been frequenting for the past several years.

Suddenly, a group of bingo enthusiasts organizes a virtual meet-up or a bingo festival that’ll run for a few days or even up to a week with performing artists, guest appearances, bingo competitions, and prize money. Wouldn’t such a fun idea interest you? 

Like we said, changing environments sounds a little out of the norm, but still a great fun idea.

Create or Invent Your Own Bingo Game From Scratch

There’s simply no way to have an extremely fun bingo game without being creative. Who said that making your bingo game more fun can’t involve re-writing the rules of bingo as we know them? You might not even need pictures or numbers bingo cards to create a fun bingo game.

How about you start off with plain bingo cards with just blank squares. It doesn’t matter the number of squares you’re working with: 9, 15, 16, or 25 will do.

Discuss with your fellow bingo players and come up with a set of interesting human characteristics or fun life experiences that you’ll now use to fill up the blank boxes on your bingo card.

Example characteristics and life experiences include “favourite food,” “favourite colour,” “Has had a chopper ride,” “Has been on safari in Africa,” etc. The rest is pretty much familiar.

The bingo players mingle and talk amongst each other to determine if any of the other bingo participants have any of the characteristics or have had any of the life experiences. If they do, you write their name on the specific box and daub it. The first player to match five bingo participants and cross off five squares in a row wins the game.

The fun bingo suggestions above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Somebody somewhere is probably coming up with the craziest idea to add some excitement to bingo gameplay. Try some of these fun bingo recommendations and see how your bingo game turns out.


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