Bingo Tournament Guide

Apart from welcome offers for bingo newbies, bingo bonuses, and ongoing promotions to attract players to online sites or even sophisticated bingo halls, bingo companies hold bingo tournaments from time to time. These highly competitive bingo runs can last from a day to a couple of days, weeks to a month. It all depends on the bingo hall or the online bingo website at hand.

Players must know the difference between ongoing promotions and a bingo tournament. The former is promotions that online bingos regularly float to stir up some bingo gameplays with fun and the chance to win standard bingo industry cash and real prizes.

Bingo tournaments are a whole different ball game. The tournaments usually entail a series of contests with several winning stages before declaring an ultimate winner of an overall prize.

They’re a big deal because bingo companies use them not only for competition among bingo players but as a marketing tool to put their brands on the map. They’re selling points for online bingos looking to better product positioning among punters in the gambling industry.

Watch out for bingo tournament banners at your favorite online bingo or local bingo club. You’ll easily identify them because they involve various competition stages among a pool of competitors, and the prize money is usually a significant amount.

Ensure that the bingo site hosting the tournament is legit with proper licensing, regulation, and clear return to player policies. Once you’ve done your due diligence, it’s time to get in on the tournament actions.

But wait, what kind of bingo tournaments should you expect, especially if you’re a “noob” to the world of bingo? Check out some popular tournament examples below.

Freeroll Bingo Tournaments

It’s all in the name. The word “free” is always an eye-catcher. That’s probably why most bingo sites will throw a freeroll as their go-to tournament, particularly if they are small in size and operations or are just dipping their toes in the iGaming industry and don’t have the backing of a more established parent company.

Far from what’s the norm, freerolls don’t require bingo tournament entrants to pay any fee. You join for free and get down with the contests right off the bat, no strings attached, and no catch involved. But depending on the site, you might need to part with some small fee at some point in the tournament, just not as big an amount as you would for other types of bingo tournaments.

Freeroll tournaments are great for new bingo players to usher them into the world of online bingo tournaments. Besides, the fact that bingo competitors in a freeroll stand a chance to win mega prizes at zero cost is awesome.

Even for the lesser-known bingo platforms, tournament players could find themselves coming out of the contest with free tickets and bingo bonuses that will guarantee they get a better gameplay experience.

Leaderboard-Based Tournaments

Here the tournament takes the shape of a race. Bingo players pay a fee to register and enter the tournament. A scoreboard or the leaderboard shows competitors’ performance at every bingo game event or session and how the contests and tournament unfold stage-by-stage.

The leaderboard also records the outcomes of each bingo competitor and uses those results to rank and position the bingo players from the first position contestant to the player coming in last. Each stage that tournament participants complete successfully earns them points that will decide which punters qualify to move to the next round of bingo contests.

Since the online bingo market is a multibillion-pound industry with millions of players logging in to enjoy a game of bingo every other week, leaderboard tournaments are likely to attract droves of bingo players. And if you do the math, you’ll actually realize that loads of money bingo sites collect as tournament fees enable them to set high prizes for winners and even afford to set aside a sizable prize pool for the first and second runners up bingo tournament participants.

Ticket-Based Tournaments 

Tournaments that involve the purchase of bingo tickets are arguably the mother of bingo tournaments. While all bingo tournaments are far from your ordinary bingo game, ticket-based bingo tournaments take the crown for having the longest-running contests. The competition events and bingo sessions could easily spill over into a day and well into several days or events up to a month.

There are two reasons for that. One is that much like leaderboard-based tournaments, the ticket-based version will pull in massive numbers of competitors looking to get a slice of that huge prize money pie.

 And two, many tournament participants make it a high-octane bingo affair, with intense rounds of competition. No wonder a ticket-based championship is so coveted. The winners at each phase of the tournament get a bingo ticket to access the next level of contests until there is only one bingo player standing tall.

Other Types of Bingo Tournaments

Some online bingos give players a set of numbers—each with a point value assigned to it—to run a month-long numbers tournament. Every bingo game win that daubs one of the tournament numbers on the bingo card earns you the respective points assigned to that particular number. The more tournament numbers you win bingo with or the more points you earn, the greater your shot at winning the overall tournament prize.

The other tournament is Slingo, which is a blend of elements of bingo and slots. Slingo tournaments are pretty simple to nail. It uses Slingo slots (part slot machine, part bingo card) with a 5-reel, 1-row slot to generate numbers randomly. The numbers are what you use to mark off your bingo card for a chance to win prizes on a paytable.

Bingo tournaments aren’t a new phenomenon in the bingo industry. If anything, they’re a bingo hall staple. Now that the online bingo market is on the rise, you’re likely to see more and more of these bingo tournaments and other variations in the future. 


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