5 Ways to Win at Online Bingo

Win or lose; you can always count on a bingo game to give you a fun experience. But how do you stay winning and looking forward to your next bingo gameplay? It’s simple. You play smart and use a bunch of little-known hacks to up your chances of bagging a bingo, pattern, or full house wins every time you step into the bingo room.

Without further ado, here are some of the tricks you should be used to win at online bingo:

Try Free Rolls and Free Games

Participating in free-to-join bingo tournaments—especially for beginners—or playing free games before trying out real money titles can be a great way to get a better shot at winning.

With free games comes lots of practice and experience that will surely come in handy when you’re ready to wager for real dollars. It’ll also expose you to the game’s jargon, rules, and variations that’ll be critical in highlighting your gameplay and possibly turning novice players into pros in the shortest time possible.

The thing with free games is that no stakes are on the line, so you’ll put your neck out to deal with different strategies you otherwise wouldn’t when playing for real money and learning a thing or two.

Play Short and Speed Games

Your odds of winning are far much higher playing 30-ball games than they’re playing a 90-ball game. The 30-ball version involves fewer call numbers and even fewer sessions, so the game is over before you know it, increasing your chances of winning that much.

If you must play a long game such as the 80-ball or 90-ball variation, partake in just a few sessions with one or just a few cards so that you don’t dent your chances of calling full house or taking home one of the winning patterns.

Play When There’s a Small Number of Punters in the Bingo Room

There’s this thing called the bingo pot. It’s the total money of all the card tickets, and it makes up the game prize money or prize pool for a particular round in case of a multistage bingo tournament.

Unlike slot games, the number of players doesn’t always determine the size of the prize pool. Most bingo tickets are low cost at 1p and sometimes lower. Even in cases where the game is high stakes and has a time-lapse bonus offer with tickets going for 10p or 20p, other factors other than the ticket price will still contribute to establishing the prize money.

Don’t join a room that already has many players, as this will decrease your odds of bagging a win. The best times to play are during weekdays when everybody is too busy doing life to log into an online gaming site. Also, avoid peak hours and instead go for early mornings and late nights.

Your opportunity of getting a victory gets slim by the growing number of players in the room. The opposite is also true: a smaller number of room players affords you a higher chance of winning.   

Consider Buying More Tickets

It’s a trick that has proven to work exceptionally well, with the hope of better results if not a full house win. The more cards you have, the more likely you’re to daub several numbers as the caller goes towards the end of the numbers games.

It might sound cumbersome but remember it’s online bingo, and all the game variations entail auto-daubing. All you have to do is sit back and follow through session after session.

Assume you’re participating in a 75-ball game alongside 50 other players, and a majority of them only have two or three cards. You buy five tickets and are better placed to trump them by virtue of getting either a one-line, two-line, three-line, four-line, or five-line call.

Or maybe it could be your lucky day, and you happen to hit a particular pattern, say, four-corners, letter N or the elusive crazy kite. You’ll have avoided coming off the game empty-handed simply because you went for the simple hack of having multiple cards for your 75-ball bingo game.

Pay Attention to Chat Room Games

Chat rooms are an entirely different phenomenon separate from the main bingo games. The chat rooms bring in the sociability aspect among bettors. They are nothing close to the face-to-face socialization experience of bingo halls, but they sure do make the sessions and gameplay lively.

Players can chat with fellow players or private message each other during or–between games. However, the main attraction of chat rooms is the chat moderator, who also coordinates fun and trivia games, giving players more chances of winning.

How cool would it be to call bingo and win gift cards and vouchers, bonus funds and free plays, cash backs, and real money prizes in the chat room? It would be awesome, like hitting two birds with one stone, if you may.

These five ways to win don’t even come close to exhausting the bag of tricks for winning online bingo games. Some of the winning methods might be sophisticated or even a bit farfetched, for example, using the Granville or Tippet statistical theories, which don’t exactly have what you’d call worldwide acclaim.

Others are so obvious and only diverse an honourable mention. For instance, playing at bingo sites that offer generous welcome bonuses and even bigger ongoing promotions to increase your chance of winning.

Finally, consider signing up with bingo forums and boards to learn more tricks of the game. Such forums usually have a community of bingo enthusiasts and pros who are more than willing to share hacks of the game and gaming experience on different gambling sites. You now have five new hacks to employ and, hopefully, change your fortunes. Good luck!

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