Bingo Trends to Watch Out For

Now that bingo games are accessible online, you can expect dynamic shifts in the online space and smart devices to directly affect the online gaming industry.

For example, with the growth of cloud-based platforms comes the ability to play more bingo games, including network titles such as Jumpman Gaming networks. All you have to do is check whether your online gaming site’s games catalogue is linked to one of these networks and play your way to lots of real money prize opportunities. 

Credible sources like the Report Linker prove that online bingo is an ever-changing game, with more innovative aspects to look forward to yearly. All you online gaming enthusiasts out there that have kept your eyes peeled for the latest developments in the online bingo industry probably know of some or all of the trends outlined below:

The Popularity of the Game Is On the Rise

Just a while back in 2019, online bingo was worth approximately USD 53.7 billion in the online gaming industry, with the expectation that the game would sustain steady, gradual growth of 11.5% until 2027.

The numbers don’t lie. It turns out that prediction holds. The current figures place the industry at a national treasure pedestal. Five million people play the game on UK bingo sites, which translates to a £1 billion industry. A further 100 million players play it online on the global scene.

Bingo now even have their own National Day marked annually on the 27th of June. We’d also like to mention that online gaming sites have been on the rise, with iGaming sites offering bingo titles at the forefront of that wave. Punters are spoilt for choice and literally have hundreds of sites to pick from and sample their game selections.

The Game Is Attracting More Young Players

There’s credible proof that aged bettors still play 75, 80, and 90-ball games. A BBC publication shows that the oldies are still in tune with this popular pastime and like to frequent the halls whenever they get a chance to have some good times with friends over a 90—ball game session.

However, two significant shifts have since occurred in the industry. While most halls and clubs have been shutting their doors and operations over the years, dating back to the early 2000s, there’s a section of halls that have had facelifts. These particular halls tend to have a nightclub appeal and seem to be attracting millennials.

Bingo games are fast becoming a trend among young guys as playing gets more convenient on mobile devices. Some of these halls are even combining aspects of land-based operations with online products. The Buzz clubs and halls are the perfect examples. They’ve remodelled to install digital rooms where players can use electronic touchpads and have an online gaming experience within the hall premises.

Only 17% of millennials played numbers games in 2015, 21% in 2016, and 25% in 2017. Today, a 2021 Which Bingo report shows that 80% of online players are within the range of 25-54 years, which is a giant leap from the 2017 stats.

The Rise of Mobile Bingo

In recent times, online gaming sites either have a native mobile app or have gone the extra mile to optimize their websites for mobile gameplay. Software providers like Pragmatic Play have even gone ahead to create a mobile-first game and are already testing it on sites like Rocket Bingo.

Sites that do have an in-house app usually have links to Google Play and Apple stores on their site for players to download.

Where no app exists, you can just type in the online site’s address in the search box of your mobile browser and access the site just like you would on a desktop. Mobile bingo sites have all the features you’re fond of, and the transition should be seamless.

Bookmark all your favourite games or create home screen widgets for easy access and gaming on the go.

Social Branding and Influencer Marketing

Have you noticed that online gaming sites are inclining their marketing and branding to be more socially appealing? Some of these online sites use more animations on cards, tickets, and chat room games in what insiders are coining as “Bingomation.”  Have a closer look at some of these iGaming libraries, you’ll spot the frequent use of emojis, themed characters in human and, etc.

Another more emergent trend is the use of the free game model to attract more punters. Bingo All-Stars nails the use of this trick with their elaborate use of influencer marketing to have some of the UK’s biggest showbiz stars make appearances in chat rooms and even host some of the chat room games.

The Use of Crypto as a Payment Method

With the widespread acceptance of blockchain technology and the positive reception and warming up to crypto assets by both the public and several governments around the globe, the use of cryptocurrency in online gaming was bound to happen.

A quick Google search for “Cryptocurrency bingo sites” will display an entire list of online gaming sites that you can sign up with to use bitcoin as a payment method.

As much as the world is opening up to the use of crypto, this is a grey area that’s yet to achieve its full potential as far as the full implementation of crypto in the online gaming industry goes.

The only actual use of crypto right now is integrating payment systems with licensed crypto payment processing platforms. Hopefully, game providers will actually build online games on blockchain technology in the future.

The trends we’ve fronted here are a microcosm of bingo trends happing all over the globe and those we’re yet to see in years to come as online gaming sites strive to beat the cut-throat competition to stay afloat in the gambling industry.

Future trends to watch out for include the use of artificial intelligence in online gaming. So always have an eye out for online gaming trends. It could enlighten you and spice up your gaming experience.

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