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Who’s Playing Online Bingo?

It’s amazing how stereotypes still stick.

I mean there can be no doubt that bingo just like coffee mornings and arts and craft sessions at the local community hall are for the females whilst Sunday footy and sports betting are mainly for the lads…Right?

Oh, come on now, really?

Ok, so once bingo was generally seen as the pastime of the older female who would meet up with her friends to have a few games then catch up on all the gossip in the breaks. In fact, you could hardly travel though any town without seeing a bricks and mortar bingo hall, but times move on, and so has bingo.

Today online bingo is not only played by women but is enjoyed by both sexes so you can forget the cliché, that stereotype forged in the past as nothing could be further from the truth.

There is still a difference between the numbers of men versus the numbers of women when it comes to online bingo players but it seems that the men have finally cottoned onto the fact that bingo is not only fun, it’s incredibly social too which means that in our busy lives there is now one platform where we can enjoy some great gaming action alongside chatting with friends and family.

I guess that percentages are affected by how brands and products are marketed with some being seclusively targeted at women, but the industry is cottoning onto the fact that guys actually like a game of online bingo with increasing numbers of online bingo sites having appeal to both sexes.

And why should it be such a surprise that there are those men who like a game of bingo? After all there are those females that enjoy sports betting or playing poker, the surprise should really be that the number of online bingo players has increased sixty times in less than a decade, to the point that in the UK alone there are millions, yes millions of regular online bingo players.

That is a pretty amazing amount of people playing online bingo when you consider that the game didn’t even exist twenty or so years ago, and to grab a game you had to go to a bingo hall.

The massive shift towards bingo has been driven by the evolution of the smartphone as well as a more reliable and widely available internet connection. People are playing shorter sessions as the game can be picked up for just a few minutes at a time, so shorter sessions appear to be the norm but these shorter sessions are being played more frequently.

In the domestic environment games will follow the household pattern so the peak times of playing would be after the children have gone to bed whereas in the working environment we see more people enjoying a game darning lunch breaks and when commuting to and from the work place.

We all lead busy lives and this can mean that there are not enough hours in the day to do what we want to do and that includes finding some time to relax and catch up with family and friends. Bingo is just one of those games that provides us with the solution under one roof thanks to the special chat feature included on the online bingo site.

Chat takes place during and between games and if you find that you can’t make a game you didn’t want to miss then that’s not a problem as games are played automatically for you, a big plus point for many players.

So perhaps it’s time to throw away those preconceptions surrounding one of the most favourite online pastimes? Eyes down anyone?

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