Strategic Tips for Winning More Bingo

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Bingo is one of Britain’s favourite games. Played up and down the country, everyone loves a spot of the numbers game and it’s open to all- so long as you are over 18 that is! Known as a true gamble, Bingo is not a game of skill, but one of chance and luck that anyone can win. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 things you can do to increase your chances of winning Bingo.

What is a Game of Skill/ Chance?

A game of skill is one where the player’s direct in-game actions can affect the outcome of the game. You can, therefore, devise a strategy to increase your chances of winning, and play in a better way. Think of Poker, if you understand the hands, odds of each outcome and the optimum moves to make you are far more likely to win more through influencing the gameplay of a round and increasing the stakes than a novice player is able to, without losing.

In contrast, games of chance are random. The player has no way to change the outcome of the game but can take certain actions to increase the likelihood of them being the lucky winning player.

Is Bingo a Game of Skill or Chance?

Bingo and other games, such as Lotto are games of chance. The winner is based on the luck of the draw, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of being the winning player. We’re going to cover them here, so by the end of this article, you’ll be in with a much better chance of winning your next Bingo game.

How is Online Bingo a Random Game?

Online Bingo uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to draw the results of the game. This is an algorithm designed to be totally unpredictable. This means online Bingo games cannot be fixed, to ensure this, UK licensing requirements stipulate that all gambling software and casino RNGS are externally audited and certified.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning Bingo if the Game Outcome is Random?

  1. Buy More Bingo Cards

In Bingo, the winning card depends on the random ball draw, theoretically, every single card at the start of the game has an equal chance of being the winning one as they contain an equal amount of number. Therefore, buying a second card would increase the odds of any single-player winning, as they have two chances of having a winning ticket instead of one. Buying, even more, will further increase your chances and thanks to Bingo software which automatically daubs your cards when a number is drawn you won’t have any issues keeping up with the game-play.

  1. Play Off-Peak Hours

Just as buying more Bingo cards will increase your odds of being the winning player (although it will also increase your initial input costs), playing games with fewer players can similarly increase your chances of winning as there are less competing cards for the prize/s. Off-peak hours, such as the early morning or late at night are quieter periods for online Bingo and therefore make for the perfect time to play for roomies looking to increase their chances of winning without increasing their costs. Tickets at these times of day are also often cheaper to reel players in but note that jackpots may be smaller reflecting this.

  1. Play Bingo Promos

Promos that offer you free Bingo cards, happy hours or buy one get one free deals all provide you with the chance to win without inputting your own cash or double your chances of winning by giving a second card for free. Don’t miss out on getting Bingo freebies or account credit as the more Bingo games you play, the greater your chances of winning- that’s a no brainer. Keep on top of all the deals by signing up to your Bingo sites newsletter or following them on social media and use the deals when they suit your requirements. Find out more about Bingo bonuses.

  1. Choose Your Bingo Cards with Care

Unlike other areas of the casino, Bingo math strategy is thin on the ground. Many players that hit up Google with questions such as, “what Bingo numbers are called the most, and which Bingo numbers should I pick to win?” are greeted, mostly, with a theory called the Tippet Theory. It says players should choose cards with more median numbers because as more numbers are called, they are more likely to gravitate towards the median number- in 90-ball Bingo this would be 45. Adversely, this goes against what many players believe; that you should pick cards with a range of numbers embracing the random nature and likelihood of the draw of Bingo. Keep in mind that the Tippett Theory has never been proven.

  1. Consider Progressive Jackpots Carefully Before Playing

Progressive Jackpot Bingo games boast huge jackpots, that only a few lucky players will win, but thousands of players across a Bingo network are competing for. This means the odds of each player being the one to win are very, very slim. This is the pay off for the chance of a big win, but also means you should consider a progressive jackpot carefully before playing. Does it offer better winning potential than an off-peak game with a smaller fixed jackpot? The answer will depend on the type of player you are and the thrill you seek from playing Bingo, but it’s a question worth taking a second to consider.

How Likely am I to Win at Bingo?

Every Bingo game presents a different likelihood of you having the winning card. It is dependant on 3 key factors; your luck, the number of players, and the number of cards in play.

Luck is a significant factor and one that you cannot manage, as the game outcome is totally random- Bingo cannot be fixed or the outcome predicted. But as Bingo is a race at some point, there will be a winning player- that’s what makes it so darn exciting.

Along with the factors that we’ve discussed above, for each game you want to play, consider the card cost vs prizes on offer. Keep in mind that there’s no need to go overboard, and if you see that a game is particularly busy (check the number of players before entering and buying a Bingo card) then play in a quieter room, or if you want to play in that game consider buying fewer tickets as your chances of winning are already low, and spread your money out playing more games in other rooms, after all, you never know where your luck will strike.

Reader’s Most Commonly Asked Bingo Strategy Questions

How do you always win at Bingo?

Follow the 5 steps above to win more Bingo games. Whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll win every time, the balls are far more likely to start rolling in your favour. So buy more cards, pick them carefully, play more games and grab more freebies- it’s that easy!

Can you be good at Bingo?

In real life yes, as it’s a game of speed and diligence. However, as online Bingo software does the dabbing and stays on the ball for you, it is harder to be a better or worse Bingo player meaning everyone can jump in and start playing at one of our top 10 Bingo Sites straight away!

Is Bingo really random?

We’ve covered in-depth how online Bingo software works and why it is impossible for it to be fixed through the use of random number generators- check it out here.

What is good for luck at Bingo?

Aside from all the tips and tricks we’ve covered above, if you’re into you Bingo mysticism then Bingo lucky charms will be right up your alley. Whilst not proven to have any effect, players love the superstition behind lucky charms and around 48% of Bingo players have them. From lucky numbers (which is becoming less common as you cannot pick your own numbers in online Bingo, but can pick which card you buy), to socks, a toy mascot or whatever you fancy lucky charms are rife in Bingo and thought to deliver luck to players- take it them or leave them, that’s up to you.


Title: Strategic Tips for Winning More Bingo

Posted On: 11/02/2020

Author: Lawrence Dawson

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