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Random Number Generators in Bingo: How They Work

Random number generators are a really important part of the online bingo world, however, they operate behind the scenes, and are rarely mentioned by bingo players. It’s important to understand what RNGs are though, and how they work, as they are the main way an online gambling site can ensure the games are completely fair.

So, to help you out, we’ve produced this comprehensive guide to random number generators, which will tell you everything from how they work, through to whether they can be hacked or not.

What Are Random Number Generators?

When you play bingo online, the numbers drawn are completely random. But why? Well, it’s thanks to random number generators. These are incredibly complex algorithms that work alongside seed numbers. Don’t think that the online bingo site creates these RNGs though – they are actually created by the software producer. This means that there’s no way the online gambling sites can manipulate the results – but more on this further down the page.

How Do They Work?

RNGs are incredibly complex, however, we’ll do our best to provide a basic summary of them. The first thing to remember is this: there are two vital aspects of the RNG – the algorithm and the seed. A new seed number is generated every few milliseconds, and this number is then fed into the algorithm. The resulting equation will then determine the next number in any given game of bingo.

So, in a game of 90-ball bingo, each number will be assigned a value. The algorithm will then be able to come up with 90 different results, which will equate to the next number called. As the game progresses, numbers that have already been called will be eliminated from the possible outcome.

An example might be useful here, however, there’s a problem: for obvious reasons, online bingo software producers don’t release their algorithms to the public. If they did, it would seriously compromise the integrity of the game. So, you’ll just have to believe us when we say that RNGs really do ensure every game is completely random!

Can RNGs Be Hacked?

It is virtually impossible to hack a random number generator, as they are incredibly complex. Players will find hacking into a random number generator isn’t possible, however, there is a small chance that sites could influence the results. The only known example of this was BLR Gaming, who manipulated the RNG at a game of craps, in order to heavily skew the odds in their favour. With the amount of regulation surrounding online gambling in the UK though, it would be impossible for a UK site to get away with this.

How Can I Be Sure RNGs Are Fair?

You can be sure that RNGs are completely fair at any legitimate site in the UK. By legitimate, we mean sites that are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It is a legal requirement that all gambling companies offering services in the UK are registered with the UKGC. One of the roles fulfilled by the UKGC is auditing sites and confirming that they are offering a completely fair gaming experience for players.

It’s not just the UKGC that oversees sites though – there are also many independent companies who also fulfil this role. The best-known of them is eCOGRA, and they are experts at assessing RNGs and verifying their fairness. If a site has been audited by eCOGRA, you’ll find their logo at the bottom of the homepage.

It’s also important to remember that any online bingo site we recommend will have a trustworthy and reliable RNG. Our team of experts looks at the security features of any bingo site in great detail, to ensure that you’re always completely safe when you gamble online.

Because of the amount of oversight in the online gambling world, it is simply not worth sites even trying to manipulate RNGs. The inevitable conclusion would be them getting caught quickly, and they could then lose their licence with the UKGC, therefore meaning that they couldn’t operate legally in the UK. The hit to their reputation would also be big enough to damage their business considerably.

So, thanks to random number generators, you can be sure that online bingo games are completely fair, both to you and to the online gambling site. They might not be the most talked about aspect of an online bingo site, however, there can be no doubting the fact that they are extremely important, and should be understood by everyone before they sign-up with any online gambling site.

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