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The Most Popular Online Bingo Countries

Bingo isn’t just a game played in the UK – it’s massive in all four corners of the world, enjoyed by tens of millions of people every year. The advent of online bingo has only caused this popularity to jump even further, ensuring that it appeals to a whole new section of society. What’s more, online bingo has broken down borders, with players from many different countries now able to compete against each other, and chat amongst themselves in the chat rooms.

But which countries boast the most avid bingo players? Keep on reading to find out about six countries that are bingo mad!

United Kingdom

If you’re reading this page in the UK, you’ll be proud to know that the UK plays host to some of the most avid bingo players around, with millions of Brits playing the game online every year. It’s only been around in the UK since the 1960s when it arrived from the USA (which is not on this list, thanks to the USA’s online gambling laws), but since then many bingo halls have popped up, and loads of new online bingo sites have emerged. The most commonly played form of bingo in the UK is 90-ball bingo, however, modern games with a twist are starting to become more common.


Bingo is absolutely massive in Spain, to the point where the government had to introduce laws to regulate how close bingo halls could be to each other. When smoking was banned in public places in the country, online bingo took off, and there are now over 40 sites offering online bingo to an enthusiastic public. Bingo is now the second most popular gambling activity in Spain, and its popularity is only growing. Even the recent financial crisis in Spain didn’t do much to dampen the enthusiasm for bingo in this country!


Bingo has been around in France for many years, ever since the original form of the game made the short journey over the border from Italy. Paris, one of the world’s great cities, has many bingo halls, however, the online game didn’t get off to a good start, thanks to the online gambling laws in France. These laws were relaxed in 2010 though, allowing bingo sites to flourish. They now boast thousands of French players, as the French population starts to learn how exciting gambling online for real money can be.


In Sweden, most forms of gambling, including most online gambling pursuits, are controlled by the government. This is not the case for bingo though, which is probably why so many people enjoy playing. There’s an incredibly popular TV show in Sweden that is based entirely on bingo, and this has helped to further the popularity of the game. There are some bingo sites operated from within the country, however, most Swedish players tend to play bingo at sites based abroad. So, don’t be surprised if you see a Swede or two at your favourite online bingo site!


Being so close to the USA, it’s no surprise that land-based bingo made the jump across the border, and is now enjoyed by many Canadians. Unlike in the USA though, playing bingo online in Canada is pretty easy, and many Canadians do this every day. It is tough for a Canadian company to get a licence to launch an online bingo site, however, Canadian players can easily access sites based abroad and play bingo there. What’s more, many of these foreign sites offer Canadians the chance to play in CAD.


You might be surprised to see that Romania makes the list, however, bingo is massively popular in this country. Amazingly, the game has only been played since 1990 though, after the dictatorial regime was banished from the country. There is some confusion about the legal status of online gambling in Romania, however, this doesn’t stop Romanians from playing at many foreign bingo sites, many of which have a Romanian language option.

Of course, the above countries are only a small cross-section of the countries with enthusiastic bingo players though. In reality, nearly every country in the world has a strong bingo following, whether this is in bingo halls, or playing online.

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