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Chat Etiquette At Bingo UK sites

All UK bingo sites are different, however there’s one area they are always consistent on: they all give you the chance to chat to friends and strangers in a chat room. Every game should have a chat room active and it’s where you can strike up new friendships with people with similar interests or catch up with old friends over a game of bingo.

99% of people who use the chat rooms never have any problems, as they act in a thoughtful and sensible way. There are some who don’t quite meet the expected behaviour standards though, and they are often expelled from sites by the chat administrators. So, if you want to know exactly how to act when you’re chatting away while playing bingo online, keep on reading!

No Swearing or Abusive Language

This is perhaps the most important point of them all. Bingo might be for over 18s, however most people don’t want to see you swearing with every second word! You wouldn’t do it in a social setting around new people, so why do it online? It’s also very important to avoid being offensive, and this includes making racist, sexist or homophobic comments. If you do, you’ll offend people and will also quite rightly be kicked off the site by the admins.

Don’t Change the Subject

You’ll often find that there’s a good conversation going on in the chat rooms, and everyone is joining in to chat about the subject in question. If you’re not really interested though, don’t just jump in and start trying to change the subject, as everyone else will be annoyed with you. Instead, just stay quiet for a bit and wait for the subject to change naturally, or go and play in a different room, where there will be a different conversation going on.

No Spamming

If you don’t know what spamming is, here’s a quick explanation: it’s when you continually post a message to the chat room, usually in an attempt to advertise something. As you can imagine, seeing the while chat box fill up with the same message is really annoying for those looking to chat, and doing so will see you booted from the site. Even if you only post an advert once you could get kicked off though, as most bingo sites don’t allow advertising of any sort.

Keep it Enjoyable

The overall rule to remember when chatting at a bingo site is this: keep it light-hearted, and keep it enjoyable. If you just chat as you normally would with a bunch of friends, then you’re already on the right track and shouldn’t find yourself annoying anyone in the room or, even worse, finding yourself getting kicked out of the chat room.

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