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Bingo in the United Kingdom

Bingo is one of the popular gambling games that are played across the United Kingdom. The simple rules along with the high winning prizes make it very popular among both young and old people in the country. If you are looking to indulge in fun gambling activities, a game of bingo is perhaps is a must! So how did Bingo become so popular in the United Kingdom and what is its present situation? Let us have an idea about how it all started and how it has evolved with the passage of time.

How did Bingo come to the United Kingdom?

The history of the game of Bingo dates back to the 18th century when it became popular in the United Kingdom, France and some other parts of Europe. It is considered to be a version of the popular Italian lottery. Due to its attractive gaming techniques, Bingo found popularity among both the nobility in the UK, which eventually passed on to the common people. The modern version of Bingo is thought to have evolved in the fairs in the 1920s, and since it has evolved according to the changing times. The card design of modern bingo is said to have been done by Erwin S. Lowe in 1942.

When did online Bingo start in the UK?

Bingo in the United Kingdom attained a new dimension with the emergence of online bingo sites UK. The inception of the internet in the late 90s gradually changed our way of life and its effect was also felt in the gambling industry. UK saw the surge of online casinos and online bingo was one of them. Since 2004, online bingo sites started gaining prominence. Also, the closing down of traditional bingo halls in the UK was also another factor that led to its popularity. Since then online bingo hasn’t looked back and its popularity is on the rise day by day.

How is the popularity and market share of bingo?

The market share of bingo is also on the rise. In the recent years, online bingo has experienced a growth of around 32% in the gambling circuit in the country. According to a recent report, a leading gaming company has earned a whopping profit of around $3.2 billion by investing in online bingo. This significant market share is due to factors like better games, increased wagering activities and better rewards. More and more users are experimenting with online bingo not only as a form of gambling but also as a pastime activity.

How many bingo sites are there?

Initially, when it started, the number of bingo sites UK was around 20 and since then it has increased up to around 350. With the closing down of traditional bingo halls, these online bingo sites have come into prominence. They offer a lot more attractive features, such as hundreds of games to choose from, attractive graphics and designs, user-friendly interface, and a dedicated customer support. Almost all the new bingo sites operate on advanced networking and technology platforms.  And above all, players have the chance to win a huge amount of prizes. Such is the demand of these new sites that even amateurs have started to try their luck at different games.

What about the rules of online bingo in UK?

The playing rules at bingo sites UK are a bit different from their counterparts around the globe. The main difference lies in the tickets and the patterns. A bingo ticket in the UK is around 3 x 9 grids and consists of numbers from 1 to 90. Each of the 3 rows consists of 5 numbered squares and 4 empty squares. The numbers need to be placed as per the columns in a way that the first will contain numbers from 1 to 10, the second from 11 to 20 and it will continue. Eventually, the 9th square will have numbers from 81 to 90.

Are the bingo sites UK safe to play?

Security is a prominent factor to consider when it comes to playing at bingo sites UK. As all these sites involve online transactions, utmost care is taken to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities. Almost all the casinos have a tight online security procedure in place to prevent any hacking or phishing attacks. As a player, you too can choose from a range of payment options and opt for the one that you think is the most secure. Usually, all the leading sites are licensed by the UK Gambling commission and follow the rules and regulations.

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