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Best Devices for Playing Mobile Bingo

Mobile bingo is massive business in the UK, and huge numbers of people log-in to mobile bingo sites every day. These people use a vast array of different mobile devices to play, from tablets through to smartphones, and this throws up an interesting question: what device is best for those who want to enjoy playing bingo using their smartphone or tablet? Well, we’re going to run you through the top five devices below, so keep on reading!


The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world and it’s used by many online bingo fanatics. The biggest advantage it has is the fact that there are loads of apps available for those looking to play using a mobile, and these apps can make playing bingo incredibly easy. iPhone users should also find that all sites are optimised for their screens, however the screens also have a downside – they simply aren’t as large as tablet screens, so playing can sometimes be a little more difficult.


If you have an iPad, you have the perfect online gambling machine. This is because it has all the apps available to those using an iPhone, but it also has a much larger screen, which makes pressing buttons and general gameplay that much easier. The graphics offered by iPads are also impressive, although there are some other devices that have slightly sharper graphics for you to enjoy. It should be mentioned that bingo can be played using any iPad, from the original machine through to the latest offering.

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy is the most popular of all Android devices, and it comes as a smartphone or a tablet. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll find playing mobile bingo to be a breeze, and you’ll also find that the graphics are exceedingly good. Like Apple devices, you’ll find loads of apps available, and these are downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Due to the larger screen size, we’d recommend a Samsung Galaxy tablet over the smartphone version.

Amazon Fire

The Amazon Fire is the tablet for those on a budget, as one can be bought for not much money at all. There are various models, and all can be used to access a mobile bingo site using the device’s browser, however you’ll rarely find any apps to use, which can be considered a down point. The screen is also slightly smaller than some other tablets currently available, however you still shouldn’t have any problems seeing the screen and navigating through your chosen site.

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel, as we as the Google Pixel 2, might not be the most popular of all smartphones in the UK, however it is beginning to gain a following. It uses the Android OS, so you should find loads of apps just waiting to be downloaded and apps from all good online bingo sites should be completely free. The display on this phone is absolutely stunning, so you’ll get the best possible graphics when you play bingo using this mobile device.

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