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Bingo Sponsorship Deals

You might have noticed that loads of bingo sites are now sponsoring things, ranging from TV shows through to sports teams. This sponsorship isn’t something that the bingo sites do out of the goodness of their own heart though – it’s part of a carefully thought out business plan, designed to benefit the bingo site as well as the recipients of the sponsorship money.

If you’ve ever wondered why bingo sites decide to grant sponsorships or want to find out some of the more high-profile sponsorship deals, this is the page for you.

Why Do Bingo Sites Sign Sponsorship Deals?

Sponsorship deals are hugely lucrative for bingo companies, providing they are done right. By sponsoring a TV programme or sports team, the bingo site in question is able to broadcast its name to a huge audience. For example, imagine the exposure received by a bingo company advertising themselves just before one of the TV’s biggest reality shows? This is better even than a paid advert, as sponsors get their exposure just before the programme is due to restart, meaning that viewers will be back on their sofas, having conveniently missed the rest of the adverts in order to make a cup of tea.

It’s not the just exposure that makes sponsorship deals so valuable though – it’s also a case that sponsoring a well-known brand gives the online bingo site more trust. After all, would a long-running TV show really allow an untrustworthy brand to sponsor them? When bingo fans see a company sponsoring their favourite show, they immediately think that the site is large and trustworthy, and they’re therefore more likely to type in the URL and sign-up.

Some Well-Known Bingo Sponsorship Deals

You’ll find that the major bingo sites have granted a massive number of sponsorship deals, and these nearly always focus on the demographic most likely to play bingo online. So, many of these sponsorship deals are with daytime TV programmes and soap operas. Perhaps the most famous sponsorship deal signed by a bingo site was Tombola’s sponsorship of Emmerdale, the soap opera enjoyed by millions of people each week.

There have been many other TV shows sponsored by bingo sites as well, such as The Jeremy Kyle Show, which was sponsored by Foxy Bingo, and The Chase, which was sponsored by Gala Bingo. Dream Bingo, which is owned by Beltway, even sponsored the Inside Soap Awards in 2015, which brought them huge amounts of publicity.

Sponsorship of sport is less common in the bingo world, however, it does still happen. One notable instance of this was when Foxy Bingo announced a sponsorship deal with Rugby Super League. This didn’t just give Foxy Bingo greater brand awareness – it also allowed them to run competitions giving away Rugby Super League merchandise and tickets. Another notable example of sports sponsorship was Tombola’s sponsorship of Sunderland, which saw their name emblazoned on the club’s shirts. Ritz Bingo has also previously sponsored Castleford Tigers, one of the biggest teams in rugby league.

Another type of sponsorship that can be really useful is charity sponsorship. This allows the bingo site to donate money to a deserving cause, however, they also get something from the deal. By looking charitable, they boost their standing within the community massively, and people are more likely to play at sites that do good for the community.

What are the Benefits of Being Sponsored?

There’s clearly one benefit that outweighs all others, and it’s the fact that bingo companies pay huge sums of money to have their name on the front of a football shirt, or their advert directly before a TV programme. To sponsor a big football team, like Tombola did, the price is likely going to run into millions of pounds, and this is money the team can then spend on new players or improvements to a stadium.

It’s not all about money though. Just like bingo companies feed off the reputation of the brand they’re sponsoring, the reverse can also be true. For example, someone might really enjoy playing at Foxy Bingo but never have considered watching rugby league before. Thanks to the sponsorship though, they might think that the sport is something they’d enjoy, and turn on the TV to watch. This extra fan can then be worth lots of money to the brand, through ticket sales, advertising revenue or merchandise sales.

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