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Explained: Bingo Rooms and Chat Mods

When you play bingo online, you might notice that some of the players in the chat rooms have a special mark next to their name – a mark that shows that they are slightly different to all the others enjoying themselves at the site. These people are the chat moderators, and bingo rooms and chat mods work together to ensure that the whole online bingo experience at a specific site is a great one for all players.

But how exactly do bingo rooms and chat mods work together to create this great experience? And are you able to become a chat mod at your favourite bingo site? Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions, as well as much, much more…

Why Do Bingo Sites Use Chat Mods?

Chat moderators are the people at a bingo site who keep an eye on what’s going on, just to ensure that people aren’t becoming abusive, or saying inappropriate things in the chat rooms. To help them with this job, the mods are able to kick people out of the chat rooms – a power bestowed upon them by the owners of the bingo site. This means that all players should always refrain from using offensive language at a site, including racist, homophobic or sexist remarks, as they will be caught by the mods and reprimanded.

Chat mods aren’t used by bingo rooms to just police people, though – they are also used to create an extra sense of fun within the community. The chat mod will nearly always be the centre of conversation, encouraging others to chat and enjoy themselves while they play their favourite games. Many sites also allow chat moderators to give away prizes to players, which is a very good reason why you should try chatting to the mod at a site as often as possible!

It’s also important to realise that bingo rooms and chat mods work together to actively encourage people to play at the site. The bingo mods are almost like salespeople at times, reminding players that a certain tournament is coming up, or that there’s a great promotion that they can use. So, while bingo mods are there to help players enjoy themselves, they are also there to help the bingo site in question make more money!

Who Are the Chat Moderators?

Bingo chat moderators are people who are paid to work from home and monitor the activity of a site, although they aren’t paid an awful lot, and generally do the work because they enjoy it, not because they have to. There are also some sites where the moderators work completely for free, simply because they enjoy the chance to play bingo and socialise as much as you do. The most important thing to remember is this though: chat mods are people, and not robots, so they should be treated with the same courtesy and respect as everyone else in a chat room.

Can I Become a Chat Mod at One of the Bingo Rooms?

Becoming a chat mod at a bingo site is much like applying for a regular job – except you really have to enjoy playing bingo online to have a chance of succeeding in this role! Most sites won’t advertise when looking for mods though, and instead simply encourage people to send in CVs to them, which are then kept on file. As you might imagine, the role of bingo moderator is quite a popular one, therefore there are lots of applications, so you’ll need to make sure your CV shines out from the rest if you want to succeed.

To find out which bingo sites are looking for mods at the moment, simply type the name of a site plus the term “moderator” into your favourite search engine.

What Qualities Does a Bingo Site Mod Need?

It should go without saying that the number one quality needed by a chat mod is a love for bingo. After all, if you don’t really enjoy playing the game, why would you want to hang around with bingo fans for large parts of your day? Bingo rooms and chat mods must also have the ability to work well together, so mods need to be able to listen to and learn the rules and regulations laid down by a site, so that they can monitor and enforce them effectively.

It’s also really important that a bingo mod understands the rules of each and every game on the site, and keeps up-to-date with any promotions that are being run. This is because mods are often the first port of call for those with a question, and these questions need to be answered both quickly and correctly. If they aren’t, that player might well decide to take their business to a different site instead.

You can find reviews of the latest bingo sites and check if they have any moderator positions open.

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